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Kyle Schurman

Tips for Extreme Cold Weather Photography Posted

By January 31, 2014

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With most of North America about to be caught in the extreme cold of February, it's probable that shooting outdoor photos isn't going to be your first choice of activity. However, if you can brave the cold weather -- and if your camera can, too -- winter photography can yield some beautiful photos.

Unless you have purchased a digital camera that's designed specifically for use in extreme cold, such types of poor weather can be hard on your camera. Some cold weather problems can cause temporary issues for the camera, while others can cause more permanent damage.

To read my tips for safely improving your camera's performance when shooting photos in extreme cold, just click the link.

February 3, 2014 at 11:06 pm
(1) Rohinton Mehta says:

In the writeup about Six Best DSLR Accessories, item # 4 says that :

“UV Filter. If you’re into shooting landscapes, then one of these is essential to cut out the bluish haze that UV sunlight radiation can cast over your photographs.”

Is this correct? To the best of my knowledge, digital imaging sensors are impervious to UV.

February 4, 2014 at 12:42 am
(2) Wayne says:

That’s a very good question mainly because I don’t know what is the answer! I’m hoping someone will answer it because it raises another question or two in the dark corners of my brain that I’m having problems forming into a query. Of course a UV filter is always nice as a transparent (to visible light) lens cap. I’m not as diligent about using one as I was in years past for several inconsequential reasons but I’d think it probably is necessary in bright light on white surfaces because of a mixing effect between extreme UV and visible colors of light… That’s just an educated guess though.

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