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Troubleshooting Fujifilm Cameras

Use These Tips to Fix Problems With Your FinePix Camera


You may experience problems with your Fujifilm camera from time to time that don't result in any error messages or other easy-to-follow clues as to the problem. Troubleshooting such problems can be a little tricky. Use these tips to give yourself a better chance to fix the problem with your Fujifilm camera.

  • Stripes appear on my photos. If you shoot a photo where the subject features a prominent checkered pattern, the image sensor can mistakenly record a Moire (striped) pattern over the top of the subject's pattern. Increase your distance from the subject to minimize this problem.

  • The camera does not focus well on close-up shots. Make sure you're using Macro mode with your Fujifilm camera. You'll have to experiment a little bit to see just how close you can be to the subject, even in Macro mode.

  • The camera will not read the memory card. Make sure all of the metal contact points on the memory card are clean; you may use a soft, dry cloth to gently clean them. Make sure the card is inserted in the camera correctly. Finally, you may need to initialize the card, which will erase any photos stored on the card.

  • My flash photos don't come out right. If you're finding backgrounds are underexposed, try using Slow Synchro mode with your Fujifilm camera, which allows more light to enter the lens. However, you'll want to use a tripod with Slow Synchro mode because the slower shutter speed may cause blurry photos. A Night Scene mode also will work well.

  • The autofocus doesn't work quickly enough. In certain situations, your Fujifilm camera's autofocus system may have trouble focusing properly, including when shooting subjects through glass, subjects with poor lighting, low-contrast subjects, and fast-moving subjects. Try to avoid such subjects or reposition yourself to avoid such situations or minimize the impact of such situations. For example, position yourself to shoot a fast-moving subject as it moves toward you, rather than as it moves across the frame.

  • Shutter lag is causing problems with my photos. You can reduce the effects of shutter lag by pressing the shutter button halfway down a few seconds before shooting the photo. This will cause the Fujifilm camera to pre-focus on the subject, which reduces the overall amount of time needed to record the photo.

  • The camera's display locks up and the lens sticks. Try turning the camera off and removing the battery and memory card for 10 minutes. Replace the battery and memory card and turn the camera back on again. If that doesn't fix the problem, the camera may need to be sent to a repair shop.
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