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Advanced Digital Cameras: Beyond the Basics

After you've mastered your first digital camera and moved beyond the basics, you can improve your photography skills by learning about your digital camera's manual control features. Exploring advanced digital camera features will help you move beyond a point-and-shoot model and find an intermediate digital camera or a digital SLR to meet your needs.
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Tips for New DSLR Photographers
Improve your photography results with your new DSLR camera by following these tips for those new to DSLR photography.

Tips for Using RAW
What is RAW photography? This high-end digital photography formatting eliminates file compression, allowing for easier editing of photos later.

Best Full Frame DSLRs
The term "full frame" means that the digital sensor in the camera is the same size as an old strip of 35mm film. Here are the best full frame DSLR cameras.

Direct Light Photography Equipment Tips
Use these tips to help you figure out which photography equipment will provide the desired results when shooting photos with direct light.

How to Shoot DSLR Close-Up Photos
Use these tips to learn more about shooting macro, micro, and close-up photos with your DSLR camera and for learning about your options for accessories.

Tips for Diffusing a Flash
Use these tips to learn more about your options for bouncing or diffusing the light from the flash with your DSLR camera.

Flash Exposure Compensation Tips
Flash exposure compensation is the ability to change the output level, or power level, of the flash unit on the DSLR camera without changing the exposure of the background of the photo. Read on for tips on how to control this aspect of your flash photos.

Decipher the Viewfinder Data
DSLRs can display almost anything about the camera’s settings in the viewfinder, similar to what is displayed on the LCD. Read on to figure out how to decipher the viewfinder data.

Finding Compatible DSLR Lenses
Lenses can be expensive pieces of equipment, so it’s important to know which lenses will work with your DSLR camera. Use these tips to learn more about finding compatible lenses.

Photo Image Quality Settings
When it comes to adjusting the settings for your camera to achieve the best possible images, one aspect that many photographers forget about is setting the image quality and image size to the best possible levels. Use these tips to help you find the right settings for your varying photography needs.

Auto Focus Vs. Manual Focus
One aspect of a DSLR that can be difficult to understand for new photographers is choosing between auto focus and manual focus. Read more about the auto focus vs. manual focus debate!

Speedlight Tips
The most common and easiest way to add light to a scene when using a DSLR or DIL camera is a small flash unit, also called a speedlight, that attaches to the hot shoe of your camera.

Types of Camera Lenses
Camera lenses come in either fixed (prime) focal lengths, or zooms, which cover a range of focal lengths. The different focal lengths are grouped into categories for different types of camera lenses.

Learn How to Use a Circular Polarizer Filter
Circular polarizing filters come with two rings, and you simply twist the front ring to activate polarization. You'll know when you've achieved polarization by reflections disappearing, or when the contrast between blue sky and clouds increases.

DSLR for HD Video
Over the last few years, DSLRs have suddenly acquired the ability to shoot not only still images, but also High Definition (HD) videos. To make the most out of this function, read this beginner's guide.

Best DIL Cameras
Here are some of the best DIL cameras on the market today. These cameras have interchangeable lenses and thin bodies.

Tips for In-Camera Retouching of Photos
Some advanced cameras may give you some photo retouching options that you can operate using the camera’s menus. Learn how to make quick editing changes to your DSLR photos with these tips.

Anti-Shake Camera Mechanisms
Most DSLR manufacturers have systems in place to help prevent camera shake. The most sensible form of stabilization is obviously when manufacturers use an anti-shake camera system on actual DSLR camera bodies. This means that stabilization is in place, regardless of what type of lens you are using.

Best Consumer DSLR Cameras
Entry-level DSLRs are great but, as your photographic abilities improve, you may find them lacking in features. Most of the big camera manufacturers recognize this, and provide a more advanced range of cameras -- commonly known as "consumer" DSLRs. Here are the best consumer DSLR cameras.

Best Full Frame DSLRs
The term "full frame" means that the digital sensor in the camera is the same size as an old strip of 35mm film. Find the best full frame, $2,000-plus cameras here.

DSLR Flash Tips
Use these tips to learn more about your options for using a flash with your DSLR camera.

What Is Focal Length?
When shooting with any type of camera, but especially a DSLR camera, it's important to answer the question: What is focal length?

What Is Aperture?
Aperture is the term used to describe the amount of light that passes through a camera lens. DSLR lenses have an iris within them, which will open and close to allow certain amounts of light to reach the camera's sensor. Aperture has two functions on a DSLR. As well as controlling the amount of light passing through the lens, it also controls...

What Are F-Stops?
Use these tips to learn more about using f-stops with your DSLR camera's lenses.

DSLR Camera Battery Options

Camera Buffer
When you press the shutter button and record an image, a DSLR camera's sensor is exposed to light, and the sensor captures image data. This data is then processed in the camera, and written to the storage card. To help speed up this process, DSLRs contain a camera buffer.

Avoid Advanced Photography Errors
Although photography is a constant learning experience, advanced photographers may make some common photography errors that are difficult to overcome.

Choosing Camera Lens Filters
With the advent of DSLRs, many camera filters have become obsolete. However, there are still some filters that are very useful in digital photography. Here are some of the best.

Troubleshoot Wide-Angle Conversion Lenses
With some cameras, usually fixed-lens or DSLR models, you have the option of adding conversion lenses to give your camera's lens additional wide-angle or telephoto capabilities. The conversion lens attaches over the top of the existing lens. Use these tips to troubleshoot any problems you may be having with wide-angle conversion lenses.

Using Neutral Density Filters
If you've ever looked at a beautiful landscape photograph and wondered how it's been achieved, the answer probably lies with a neutral density filter. Landscape photographers often use long exposures in their work - particularly to make water and clouds look soft and silky.

Best Entry-Level DSLRs
The number of DSLR cameras currently on the market can make choosing one seem daunting, so here are the best entry-level DSLRs, listed in alphabetical order. All of these cameras should give beginners years of hassle-free photography ... and they won't break the bank!

Contrast in Studio Lighting
While some aspects of setting up studio lighting can be challenging, such as dealing with contrasts, being able to control the contrast will give you impressive results in your DSLR photography.

How to Hold Your DSLR Properly
How you handle your DSLR can make a big difference to the quality of your imagery. Read these tips for holding your DSLR camera to improve your photos dramatically.

The DSLR Filmmaker's Handbook Review
For those who would like to make better use of their DSLR cameras to shoot movies, "The DSLR Filmmaker's Handbook" is a thorough book that provides some great tips

Dynamic Posing Guide Book Review
A new photography book, Dynamic Posing Guide, is a valuable tool to help photographers learn how to pose subjects in the best manner when shooting portrait type photos.

DSLR Cameras for Dummies Book Review
The latest DSLR Cameras for Dummies book contains quite a bit of updated information that will be helpful for those new to DSLR photography.

Beyond Auto Mode Book Review
A new photography book, Beyond Auto Mode, can help photographers looking to make the move from a point and shoot camera to a more advanced DSLR camera.

Digital Photography FAQs Review
You'll find answers to 365 frequently asked questions about photography with the new Digital Photography FAQs book.

Troubleshooting Zoom Lenses
Because telephoto lenses provide such a different look than standard lenses, you may experience some problems when using them. Use these tips to troubleshoot use of your telephoto DSLR lenses.

DSLR Camera Maintenance
When making the switch from point and shoot cameras to DSLRs, one aspect of the DSLR that can be confusing is some of the ways you must perform DSLR camera maintenance.

Geotagging With Microsoft Pro Photo
Geotagging is a cool addition to the world of digital photography, allowing you to embed information into your digital photo that tells you where and when it was shot. You have a few different options for geotagging your photos, including the ability to add the data through Microsoft Pro Photo.

Using Camera LCD Screens
LCD screens are improving with each generation of cameras, and they provide a quick and easy way to review images once they've been taken. LCD screens aren't renowned for their accuracy, however, but three steps can be taken to improve their performance.

Why You Shouldn't Rely on Your Camera's LCD Screen
Despite the obvious qualities of the LCD screen, pro photographers will still use the viewfinder over the screen. Here's why you should never rely on the DSLR's LCD screen to give you a completely accurate rendition of an image.

DSLR Buying Guide
If you're serious about your photography then, at some stage, you're going to want to upgrade to a DSLR camera. My handy guide will point you in the right direction, and help you chose the best DSLR camera for your needs.

Using the DSLR Popup Flash
Many DSLR cameras come with an integrated popup flash which can be used in a variety of ways. Learn how to use the DSLR popup flash on your DSLR camera.

How to Attach a Lens
Use these tips to learn more about attaching lens hardware to your DSLR or DIL camera.

Troubleshoot Wide-Angle Lenses
When attaching a lens with wide-angle capabilities to your DSLR camera, it's a pretty straightforward process. However, because wide-angle lenses provide such a different look than standard lenses, you may experience some problems when using them.

Best Camera Lens Performance
The most expensive DSLR lenses won't guarantee perfect pictures if they're not used properly. Here are some simple tips to help you always get the best camera lens performance.

Best Wide-Angle Lenses for APS-C DSLR Cameras
Manufacturers have started producing lenses specifically designed for APS-C cameras. These lenses are super-wide (to allow for focal length conversion), and they are designed in cheaper materials to keep costs down. Here is a list of some of the best wide-angle lenses for APS-C DSLR cameras.

How to Attach DSLR Accessories
One of the best aspects of a DSLR camera is that you have quite a few options for learning how to attach DSLR accessories, providing more features.

Using Multiple Flashes
If you are ready to take your flash photography to a new level, the next step after using a high-end flash with your DSLR camera is using multiple flashes. By changing the angles of the flash units in relation to the subject, you can significantly change the look of your photographs.

To Crop or Not to Crop?
One of the most confusing issues when upgrading to a DSLR is understanding the difference between full frame and cropped frame cameras. When you start to look into buying a DSLR, understanding these technical terms will vastly help you.

Avoid Intermediate Photography Errors
Although photography is a constant learning experience, intermediate photographers make some common photography errors that are difficult to overcome.

Photography Lighting Effects
Nothing makes or breaks a photo more than lighting. Dramatic photography lighting can turn a mundane snapshot into something quite breathtaking. To be able to fully use lighting, though, we need to learn about photography lighting effects.

What Are Autofocus Points?
Modern DSLRs come with a number of focus points, which can usually be seen through the viewfinder. These are known as autofocus points, which are what the camera uses to focus on a subject. Use these tips to learn: What are autofocus points?

Create Sharp Manual Focus
If your advanced camera offers a manual focus option, use these tips to help you achieve the sharpest manual focus possible.

FAQ: 10 Advanced Digital Camera Questions
For intermediate and advanced photographers, finding the right digital camera takes some work. Digital SLR cameras are more common today than a few years ago, which gives shoppers more choices, but which also can lead to more confusion. Sort out the confusion by reading answers to these 10 advanced digital camera questions.

Best Camera Setup Tips
Digital photography is a complex business, and DSLR cameras require a certain amount of technological know-how. Fortunately you can use some of our best camera tips to learn how to set your DSLR up and make shooting quicker and smoother.

Using Studio Lights
Studio lights are used by photographers to provide strong and natural light, with a minimum of shadows. The advantage of studio lights is that they are far more powerful than a flashgun, and don't cast harsh shadows over subjects, as speedlights tend to do. Learn about using studio lights with these tips.

Common DSLR Photography Mistakes
One of the joys of digital photography is that you can take as many shots as you want, without worrying about the cost! Even so, it's frustrating to have to delete loads of shots. This article contains tips to help you to get the shot right the first time and avoid common DSLR photography mistakes.

Tips for Those New To Digital SLR
For those who want to learn the basics about digital SLR cameras, this site provides some interesting information, including diagrams of the components on sample SLR models.

Canon's Advanced Learning Center
Canon's Digital Learning Center gives dozens of multimedia tips aimed at intermediate and advanced digital photographers. Not surprisingly, the information at the site centers on Canon digital cameras, but most of the tips work with any model of digital camera.

Football Photos
Shooting photos at football games can be a real challenge, because of all of the movement and action.

Learn About Interchangeable Lenses
Through this portion of the Canon Web site, you can learn a lot about interchangeable lenses for digital SLR (single-lens reflex) cameras, which are aimed at intermediate and advanced photographers.

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