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How Do I Fix It When My Camera Uses Batteries Too Fast?

Digital Camera FAQ: Basic Photography Questions


Q: One of the most frustrating things about using my digital camera is that it always seems to run out of battery power at the worst times. What is the best way to pull a little more power out of my battery? Or should I just carry more than one battery? ---J.S.

A: You may have a few different potential solutions.

  • First, keep in mind that rechargeable batteries tend to lose their abilities to hold a full charge over time. As the batteries age, they have slightly diminished capacities ... they hold less and less power. If your battery is a few years old, you might simply need to replace it because of this problem.

  • Next, you can take a few steps to reduce your camera's power usage in the short term. For example, if your camera has a viewfinder, use it to frame photos and turn off the LCD (which causes a significant power drain). You also can turn down the brightness of the LCD to preserve battery power. Turn on the camera's power saving mode, which powers down the camera after a period of inactivity. Don't use the zoom lens unless you actually need it. Avoid using the flash unless you need it. Try to avoid scrolling through the stored photos or cycling through the camera's menus as well.

  • Finally, your idea of carrying a second battery is a good one. Carrying two batteries is the best way to ensure you have enough battery power for your project.

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