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Find the Best New Digital Cameras


If you are shopping for a new digital camera, and you have a particular camera manufacturer in mind, read through this list to see some of the best new cameras introduced during the past 18 months, sorted by manufacturer.

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Best New Canon Cameras


Canon continues to be one of the market's best manufacturers, offering a strong list of beginner and advanced cameras. The highlight, however, may very well be Canon's creation of the smallest DSLR camera on the market, the EOS Rebel SL1 (pictured here).

Canon's High Sensitivity (HS) technology has appeared in quite a few of Canon's point and shoot models this year, including the PowerShot ELPH 330 HS and one of the largest zoom lens cameras of the year, the SX50 HS.

Of course, Canon continues to offer great DSLR cameras. It introduced the EOS Rebel T5i this year, along with the Rebel SL1.

Best New Fujifilm Cameras


Fujifilm has had a busy 18 months, greatly ramping up its lineup of advanced fixed lens cameras, as well as expanding its DIL camera offerings, including the X-M1 and the X-Pro1, which has quite a few high-end features.

One of the most interesting looking high-end fixed-lens models released recently is the Fujifilm XF1, pictured here, which contains a synthetic leather finish.

Another strong set of cameras from Fujifilm fits into the point and shoot category, including the powerful FinePix F900EXR, which has a 20X optical zoom lens in a thin camera.

Waterproof tough cameras are another key product area for Fujifilm, such as the colorful FinePix XP60.

Best New GE Cameras


GE, through its digital camera division (General Imaging), cut back on the number of cameras released in the past 18 months. One interesting model is the GE X2600, which provides a large zoom lens and is pictured here.

Another interesting large-zoom model released recently, the GE X550, runs from four AA batteries and includes a 15X optical zoom lens.

Best New Kodak Cameras


Obviously, it's been a really rough past few years for Kodak, as the company declared bankruptcy and then announced soon after that it was exiting the camera manufacturing business.

More recently the company has unveiled plans to emerge from bankruptcy, which could include the return of Kodak branded cameras in the future, manufactured by a third party.

Until then, Kodak fans will have to be satisfied with one of the last cameras the manufaccturer released, EasyShare Z5120, pictured here, which includes a 26X optical zoom lens.

Best New Nikon Cameras


There's a good reason why when people look for digital cameras, one of the first manufacturers they think about is Nikon. This camera manufacturer offers a variety of DSLR, DIL, and point and shoot cameras.

Nikon introduced a couple of powerful DSLR cameras recently, the D600 DSLR, pictured here, and the D7100 DSLR.

Nikon also released a very impressive DIL camera option, the Nikon 1 AW1, which is the first fully waterproof DIL camera on the market.

Fixed-lens and point and shoot models remain a strong part of the Nikon camera family, including the strong Nikon S9500 and the very impressive Coolpix P7700 (pictured here).

Best New Olympus Cameras


Olympus continues to offer a variety of different cameras, aimed at a variety of market segments. For me, though, Olympus is developing quite a strong set of cameras in its PEN family of DIL models, including the PEN Minis, including the PM1 and PM2. (The PM2 is pictured here.)

Fixed-lens cameras with big zooms and "tough" cameras have become a staple of Olympus, too, including the SP-820UZ iHS, which has a 40X zoom lens, and the waterproof TG-830 iHS. And don't forget the surprisingly solid and inexpensive VG-160.

Best New Panasonic Cameras


Like Olympus, Panasonic has created quite a name for itself in the DIL camera market, creating stylish and powerful models with interchangeable lenses. One of the newest models is the Lumix GX7, pictured here.

I also really liked the Lumix ZS20, which features a 20X optical zoom lens in a small camera body.

If you have a higher budget, look for a few different Panasonic cameras to include powerful fixed lenses, such as the Lumix LX7, which includes an aperture ring, something that's rarely found in a fixed-lens camera.

Best New Pentax and Ricoh Cameras


Changes gave been occurring for Pentax after the company was sold to Ricoh a few years ago and later announced that it was going to focus the Pentax brand on advanced cameras, including high-end fixed-lens cameras, waterproof cameras, DIL cameras, and DSLR cameras.

Pentax recently has introduced the Q7 DIL and Q10 DIL (pictured here).

In the DSLR realm, Pentax has recently announced the K-50 DSLR, which is offered in 120 different body color combinations. And the Pentax WG-10 is one of the lowest-priced waterproof cameras in the market.

Best New Samsung Cameras


Samsung may very well be the most underrated camera manufacturer in the market. Samsung creates some great-looking cameras that have a variety of cutting-edge features, including built-in Wi-Fi, dual LCD screens, high-end lenses, easy-to-use graphical menus, and high-resolution touchscreen LCDs.

Among recently released cameras in the point and shoot market, I really like the WB850F, which has a 21X optical zoom and built-in WiFi, as well as the inexpensive DualView DV300F, which is great for children and adults looking to shoot self-portraits easily. The Samsung Galaxy Camera has some drawbacks, but it's one of the most interesting models on the market, merging many of the best features of cameras and smartphone navigation.

Samsung doesn't offer DSLR cameras, but it has some great models in the DIL market, including the NX2000 DIL, pictured here, and the NX1000 DIL, both of which are stylish, thin, powerful ... and underrated.

Best New Sony Cameras


Sony is a versatile camera maker, offering everything from thin point and shoot models to advanced point and shoot cameras to interchangeable lens cameras.

In the point and shoot market, the Cyber-shot WX80, pictured here, looks great and offers surprisingly good performance for a small camera. Sony is also offering a touch screen in its latest waterproof tough camera, the Cyber-shot TX20.

The Sony NEX-5T is an interesting DIL camera.

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