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iPhone Camera

Analysis of the Photo Capabilities and Features of the Apple iPhone


The Apple iPhone's 3.5-inch screen makes it easy to view photos

The Apple iPhone's 3.5-inch screen makes it easy to view photos

Courtesy of Apple
The Apple iPhone camera features are impressive for a camera phone, including 2 megapixels, fabulous image image management software, the ability to sync with images on your computer and the ability to email images. Here is a breakdown of the Apple iPhone's camera.

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iPhone image quality

The Apple iPhone's camera features 2 megapixels. This isn't exactly hot, but it's better than most camera phones on the market (many of which have 1.3 megapixels at best, and even more have less than a megapixel). Don't expect to make great prints, but these pictures are fine for email and Web sharing.

iPhone Image Management

Most camera phones have only the most basic of image management software, usually just featuring the ability to review, delete, save and send images. The iPhone goes much further.

The software features playlist-like galleries of images by subject, and you can crop and send phones right on-screen. You can use photos as wallpaper, email them to friends or assign them to a phonebook contact. The 3.5-inch display screen allows you to actually see your photos on-screen, instead of squinting at tiny images.

Sharing pictures with iPhone

A key feature of the iPhone is the ability to sync it with your computer to move images onto the iPhone. The iPhone, with a choice between 4GB and 8GB, can hold a decent number of images, especially if they are not from high-megapixel cameras or have been resized.

There are also many ways to share images, not just by SMS or MMS text messaging but through several email options. You also get an on-screen keyboard for typing messages.

The iPhone works with POP email accounts, and with the following email services:

  • Yahoo! Mail
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Apple .Mac Mail
  • AOL Mail
  • Google Gmail

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Here is more information on the Apple iPhone:
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