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Beach Pictures - A Tutorial in Beach Photography


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How to Take Great Beach Pictures
Beach close-up detail picture

A beach close-up detail picture can look artful enough to frame, and capture the atmosphere of the beach.

Marco Recuero
Beach pictures could be the most common images captured by photographers. Beaches set the scene for family vacations, weddings and intimate getaways. There is a reason beaches are so photographed. They are beautiful. But there are many common mistakes made in beach photography. Follow this tutorial to find out how to take great beach pictures that are creative and impressive.

Cliche beach pictures

Have you noticed all beach pictures look the same? There's the standard sunset shot, or the posed family members with shadows blacking out their faces? Avoid some of those beach photography pitfalls.

Think outside the LCD box

First of all, really gaze slowly around you. Look down, look up. Are there unique details or small items you can capture? You could spend hours simply on macro beach photography, capturing seashells, crabs or small toys on the beach. How charming would a close-up of your child's sand castle be, paired next to a photo of your child at the beach?

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