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How Do DSLR Pentax Cameras Perform?

Digital Camera FAQ: DSLR Photography Questions


Q: What are your thoughts on DSLR Pentax cameras? --K.

Pentax is one of several of the world's top camera manufacturers. Unlike many digital camera companies, Pentax historically has focused on high-end digital SLR cameras, rather than manufacturing point and shoot models. Pentax also has a history in high-end film cameras, and it long has been one of the top camera and lens manufacturers in the world.

Pentax recently began offering more point and shoot models, but that shouldn't take away from the quality of DSLR Pentax cameras.

Really, if you stick to major DSLR manufacturers, you should have few problems. When trying to pick between manufacturers, be sure to try out any camera, making sure it fits your hands. And, if you have lenses you want to re-use from an older DSLR or from an older film SLR camera, make sure any model you pick is compatible with those lenses.

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