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Digital Camera and Photography Free Online Courses

Learn How to Buy, Use and Enjoy Your Cool Camera


Digital cameras aren't so easy to buy, and they aren't too simple to use either. Invest a minute or two a day into learning, though, and you'll soon be a master. Here are some free online e-mail courses for buying and using your digital camera.

How to Buy a Digital Camera

Buying a digital camera can be a daunting task. You have to make sense of endless terms, compare a vast array of models, select a model that is perfect for you (or your gift recipient) and find the best price. Learn all the ins and outs before you spend your precious cash with this free e-Course, "How to Buy a Digital Camera." Sign up here.

How to Use Your New Digital Camera

You just got a new digital camera. Fabulous! Now what? While these little photographic wonders can be amazing, they can also be a bit intimidating. Get a crash course on the basics, everything from taking pictures to storing images to sharing photos without annoying your friends and family with this free e-course, "How to Use Your New Digital Camera." Sign up here.

Fun Things to Do With Your Digital Camera

Don't get so caught up in megapixels and memory cards that you forget the best reason to own a digital camera: it's just plain fun. Get back to the inner photographer in you with this quickie, one-day course on fun things to do with your digital camera. You'll learn how to turn your photography into artwork, take portraits of your kids and even shoot close-ups of bugs. Start having a good time with this free online course, "Fun Things to Do With Your Digital Camera." Sign up here

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