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Digital Camera Gift Buying Guide

Digital cameras and their accessories are among the hottest gifts for nearly all recipients: mothers, fathers, grandparents, teenagers, and even children. Find out what some of the best picks are when buying for friends and family.
Top Mother's Day Gift a Digital Camera
A recent survey by Circuit City shows that digital cameras top mothers' wish lists as the most-wanted Mother's Day gift, even beating out traditional flowers.
Digital Cameras for Children
Digital cameras for children have improved dramatically so that they actually produce decent pictures and are built with kids in mind. Children just love cameras, but most people don't want to drop too much money on a camera that will get abused by a child. See this list of top digital cameras for children.
Photo and Camera Stocking Stuffers
Photo and camera stocking stuffers make great inexpensive gifts, whether you're buying a gift for a family member who loves pictures or a photography enthusiast who loves taking photos. Here is a list of top camera and photo stocking stuffers.
Christmas 2006 Hot Digital Cameras
Digital cameras have been one of the most popular Christmas gift items in recent years, and 2006 is no exception. This year, though, gifts that were once considered cool are now totally retro. Keep up to date with this list of the Christmas 2006 hot digital cameras for the holidays.
Digital Photo Gifts for Graduates
One of the best gifts you can give graduates is a way to preserve the precious memories of this time in their lives. Whether the grad on your list is a budding photog in need of a quality digital camera, or simply needs a fine way to display photos from his or her graduation, find the right present with this list of top digital photo gifts for graduates.
Top Photos Gifts for Bridal Showers, Weddings and Anniversaries
There is hardly a better gift for a couple than a special way to display photos of them together. If you are looking for gift ideas for bridal showers, weddings or anniversaries, consult this list. It includes several wonderful and unique photo gifts for bridal showers, weddings and anniversaries that will be cherished for years by any bride or groom.
Digital Camera Gift Guide
If you are considering buying a digital camera or photography gift, this is a one-stop source of various information. Find recommended cameras by price range, interest and personality type. Get reviews of popular cameras. Get buying advice and a shopping checklist. Be sure to review this guide before hitting the stores.
Top Digital Photography Gifts for $25 and Under
Even if someone on your list is way into digital cameras, you don't have to fork over hundreds on a new camera to make them happy. Consult this list of great low-priced gifts for the digital camera junkie. These items also make good secondary gifts when you are buying someone a new digital camera. (Hint: many of these are $10 or less)
Gift Guide: Choosing Digital Cameras for Children
Digital cameras are starting to get popular with children, but sadly the options are limited. Before you spend your money on a digital camera for a kid, be sure you consult this gift guide with tips on choosing digital cameras for children.
Top Digital Cameras for Teens
Teenagers can be the hardest people to buy for. Nothing is ever cool enough. But teens love digital cameras. They are looking for cameras that are compact, very hip and simply look cool. Oh, and they should take pictures or something. Consult this list to be sure you get a smile instead of a sneer when you give that teen his or her next gift.
Gift Guide: Buying a Digital Camera for Teens
The last thing you want is to spend cash in a gift for a teen, only to get that tell-tale sneer when they open the present. Be sure to please with these tips on buying a digital camera for teens.
Gift Guide: Cameras for Grandparents
A digital camera can be the ideal gift for a grandparent, but it can also be a bit intimidating if grandma or grandpa is not a big fan of gadgets. Use these tips to find a camera that is the perfect gift for a grandparent.
Top Digital Picture Frames
Why get a simple do-nothing picture frame when you can have an amazing electronic version that displays slide shows, or even receives photos from family and friends across the country? The newest digital camera frames take photo displaying to the next level, and make ideal gifts for parents and grandparents. Here are the top digital photo frames.
Review: Digital Foci Image Moments Digital Picture Frame
The Digital Foci Image Moments Digital Picture Frame takes the old fashioned photo frame to the next level. Accepting all the major, currently-used memory cards, you can display digital images (even with background music). The downside is the frame has no internal memory. Get the pros and cons in this review of the Digital Foci Image Moments Digital Picture Frame.
Top Digital Camera Binoculars
There is hardly a cooler gift for a gadget nut who has it all than a combo digital camera and binocular. It is also especially great for people who take long-distance pictures like bird watchers or wildlife enthusiasts. Here are the top camera/binocular combos.
How to Create a Picture CD Greeting Card, Party Favor or Announcement
A great way to please everyone on your gift list if to create a picture CD. It makes a wonderful greeting card, a great wedding favor or even a unique baby announcement. It's easy and inexpensive to create if you have a CD burner, and it's simple for the recipient to use (even the less-tech-savvy ones).
Top Digital Cameras for Dads
There are few gifts that please better than a brand-new spiffy digital camera. Make dad happy with these hot, popular digital cameras. Here are some top choices, including options for everyone from the beginner to the pro.
Top Digital Photo Gifts for Mom
What could be a better gift for a mom than a chance to take, share or receive pictures of loved ones? Consult this list, which includes a starter camera, advanced camera, hot accessories and cool personalized presents.
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