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Fixed Lens Camera


Fixed Lens Camera

The EX-FH20 from Casio is an SLR-style digital camera.

Definition: A fixed lens camera is an advanced digital camera that looks like a digital single lens reflex (DSLR), but that cannot use interchangeable lenses.

Fixed lens cameras typically offer very large zoom lenses, and they usually cost more than point and shoot, beginner models. Some fixed lens cameras can slightly add to their zoom and wide angle capabilities through the use of conversion lenses.

Even though fixed lens cameras don't fit the exact definition of a DSLR model, some people refer to fixed lens cameras as "beginner" DSLR cameras or DSLR-style cameras and include them in the DSLR class. Such cameras can serve as a bridge for an intermediate photographer looking to migrate from a beginner camera to a DSLR.

Also Known As: beginner DSLR, DSLR-style camera

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