1. Technology
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Definition: Resolution is the measurement of the total number of pixels that a digital camera's image sensor can record in one photograph. Digital camera resolution is expressed in megapixels, which are millions of pixels.

Theoretically, digital cameras with higher resolutions can create sharper and larger print photographs. However, high-resolution cameras don't automatically yield high-quality photos, because many factors contribute to photo quality, such as lens quality, shutter speed, and external lighting.

In a listing of digital camera specifications, you'll probably see two resolution measurements: Overall and effective. Effective pixels, or effective resolution, is the more useful number.

Resolution also refers to the sharpness of the image displayed on the LCD screen of a digital photo frame. The number of pixels used to create the LCD screen equal the resoluton of the digital photo frame. A frame with a higher resolution number should be able to display images with more sharpness than a frame with a lower resolution number.

Also Known As: effective resolution, overall resolution

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