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History: Inventing Digital Cameras

Digital cameras don't have a long history, but the technologies involved have advanced quickly enough to make film cameras an afterthought. Learning about the history of digital cameras can help you understand their popularity among consumers.
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History of Digital Imaging
Click on this link to learn about some of the people, companies, and institutions behind the invention of digital imaging and the digital camera.

Digital Camera Historical Milestones
The Digital Photography Tips Web site includes an interesting look at many of the historical milestones in the development of digital camera technology. The site also allows visitors to share brief stories about their first digital cameras.

Visit Canon's Camera Museum
Visit the Canon Camera Museum Web site to learn about both Canon film and digital cameras, as well as the technologies behind them.

Learn About the Early Digital Cameras
The DigiCam History Web site contains a lot of interesting information on the earliest digital cameras, including photographs of many models. At this page, you can find individual digital camera models manufactured through 1998.

Look Back at Kodak's First Digital Camera
In this story, MSNBC takes a look back at Kodak's 1975 invention, which stored digital black-and-white images on digital cassette tape. In many circles, Kodak's invention is considered the first digital camera.

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