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Learn How to Use Your Camera: Initial Setup


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Initial Setup: Taking the Camera Out of the Box

When you purchase a new digital camera, following the correct initial setup procedure is important. With most point and shoot models, it isn't overly difficult to learn to use your camera correctly, but it can be a little tricky if you've never done it before.

This article will show you how to run the initial setup on your camera and how to use your camera correctly. By following the correct steps in the beginning, you can avoid problems later.

Keep in mind that every model of digital camera is a little different. This article will not exactly follow every step you need to use with your particular brand and model of digital camera. The articles are designed more to provide general guidance in working with your new camera. For exact instructions, look toward your new digital camera's user guide or quick start guide.

As you open the camera's box, you'll notice it is packed tightly with components, user guides, and even a few advertisements. Find a large flat surface and lay everything out carefully. The camera's user guide or quick start guide should have a drawing or a list of all of the items in the box. Make sure you have everything before you begin charging the battery. Save all of the plastic bags and packing material for the camera.

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