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Olympus E-620 Review

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Olympus E-620 Review

The E-620 from Olympus is a solid choice for those seeking a first DSLR camera model.


The Bottom Line

For those seeking an entry-level DSLR camera, my Olympus E-620 review shows that this camera is a good starting point. You can probably find the E-620 camera body (and perhaps a starter lens) for less than $750, making it a good value, and it performs well in a variety of shooting conditions. Its LCD screen is bright and sharp, even in bright sunlight.

The two biggest drawbacks to the E-620 are its lack of a video mode and its low-light performance. If you can live with those two problems, the E-620 will provide a very good value, and its manual-control settings will help you learn more about photography.

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  • Rotatable LCD is bright, even in direct sunlight
  • Can use live view or viewfinder
  • Auto-focus works well across the board
  • It has a sturdy feel and is very light weight
  • Image stabilization works well


  • It takes some time to learn all of the features
  • LCD dims too quickly when conserving battery power
  • Low-light photo image quality could be better
  • No video mode


  • Resolution: 12.3 million
  • Optical zoom: N/A (interchangeable lenses)
  • LCD: 2.7-inch, 230,000 pixels (rotatable)
  • Maximum image size: 4032 x 3024 pixels
  • Battery: Li-ion (rechargable)
  • Dimensions: 5.11 x 3.7 x 2.36 inches
  • Weight: 1.04 pounds (body only, no battery, no memory card)
  • Image sensor: CMOS (four-thirds system)

Guide Review - Olympus E-620 Review

Image Quality

At 12.3 megapixels, the Olympus E-620 has plenty of resolution for large prints. Photo quality is very good most of the time, although you may have to adjust some of the manual settings in low-light situations, and shooting at high ISO settings results in very grainy photos.

The built-in pop-up flash works well for basic situations, but it you want additional flash capabilities, you can purchase an external flash and use the hot shoe.

The E-620's built-in image stabilization feature, which can be activated manually, greatly enhances image quality, too, preventing camera shake.


Be prepared to spend some time learning how to use the various features of the E-620. It works well in fully automatic mode, but you can achieve some improved results by using some of the manual exposure modes.

For those looking for some advanced features, the E-620 contains a few features, such as three variations of spot-metering, that I didn't expect to find in a sub-$750 model. With numerous lenses available, you can give the E-620 a variety of zoom or wide-angle shooting options.

The E-620 has good response times, meaning you won't miss many spontaneous shots.


I found the E-620 to be easy to hold and use one-handed, but some may not, as the handgrip is small. This Olympus model is one of lightest DSLRs on the market, which helps with one-handed operation.

Overall, the E-620 has a sturdy feel, and it seems to be constructed well. The 2.7-inch LCD is very bright, and it can twist away from the camera body for odd-angle photos. You also can use either the LCD's live view or the viewfinder to frame photos, which is a handy option. When the LCD is not in use, you can twist it so the screen faces the camera body and only the plastic shell on the back of the LCD is exposed, protecting the screen from scratches and smudges.

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