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Pentax Camera Reviews

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Pentax Q DIL Review
Digital interchangeable lens (DIL) cameras aren't necessarily as powerful as DSLR cameras, but the smaller DIL cameras undoubtedly can provide good image quality while remaining fun to use. Pentax's Q camera exactly fits that description.

Pentax K-r DSLR Review
The Pentax K-r was designed to slot into the upper entry-level region of DSLRs. It is operationally very similar to Pentax's lovely entry-level camera -- the K-x -- but has a few key differences. The K-r is up against some stiff competition, though.

Pentax K-x DSLR Review
Pentax's K-x DSLR is a solid little camera that's ideally suited to those looking for something lightweight to travel with. It has a respectable 12.4 megapixels and the ability to record HD movies. Find out how the K-x stacks up against other entry-level DSLR cameras.

Pentax Optio W90 Review
My Pentax Optio W90 review shows a point and shoot camera with some very handy extra features. The Optio W90's underwater capabilities are impressive, and it's a camera that Pentax built to be sturdy and tough.

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