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Photo Editing Tips: Fine Tune Your Photos

Although using your computer's photo editing software can result in vastly improved photographs, software is not your only option for tweaking an image. Some digital cameras include in-camera photo editing tools, allowing you to make a quick fix to a digital photo.
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Tips for Repairing Torn Photos
If you have some old torn photographs that have seen better days, you have a few different options for removing the damage from those photos.

How to Copyright Your Digital Photos

How to Repair Smudged Photos
If you end up with a digital image that has an area thats smudged or blurred, you can use photo editing software to correct the problem.

Color Management in Photos
Try to follow these simple tips for making your color management efforts as easy and successful as possible.

Tips for In-Camera Retouching of Photos
Some advanced cameras may give you some photo retouching options that you can operate using the camera’s menus. Learn how to make quick editing changes to your DSLR photos with these tips.

Digital Camera Effects
There are a host of imaging programs available nowadays, and you can make almost any adjustment to your digital photographs on a computer. It can be far more satisfying to learn how to create different effects in-camera, though. Try these tips for creating in-camera digital camera effects.

Using Corel PaintShop Photo Pro
Corel PaintShop Photo Express is a software package that allows you to edit your digital photos after you shoot them, giving you the capability of fixing minor problems, improving the contrast, or adding special effects.

Using Abode Photoshop Elements 9
Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 is a software package that allows you to edit your digital photos after you shoot them, giving you the capability of fixing minor problems, improving the contrast, or adding special effects.

What is Gamma?
Gamma is a non-linear operation used to code and decode brightness values in still and moving imagery. It is applicable in photographic terms when we want to view images on computer monitors.

Learn How to Create Actions in Photoshop
Actions are a really useful feature of Photoshop, which can save photographers a great deal of time by performing repetitive tasks. They can also be used to "batch process" a number of images at one time. This article will show you how to set up a new Action within Photoshop to resize your images to a standard size.

Best Free Online Photo Editors
If you haven't checked out online photo editors lately, you really should ... and you'll be glad you did. They've advanced far beyond where they were even a few years ago, and some really good online photo editors are free.

How to Watermark Your Photos
If you're placing your photographs on the Internet, you'll want to make sure you protect your rights to those images. The best way to protect digital photos is by watermarking your photos. Use these tips to learn how to watermark your photos.

Tips for Using RAW
What is RAW photography? This high-end digital photography formatting eliminates file compression, allowing for easier editing of photos later.

Converting RAW Images in Photoshop
If you're serious about your photography, then sooner or later you will want to start working with RAW images. Here are the top tips for working with the Camera Raw plug-in for RAW images in Photoshop.

When Should I Be Shooting Black and White Photos?
With black and white photography, you want to pick and choose where you use this technique, as overusing black and white photography limits its effectiveness and impact.

Shooting Photos for Web Sharing
Shooting photos that you plan to print requires a lot of planning. It’s important to have the lighting, exposure, and camera settings just right, allowing for a large, sharp print. Shooting photos you plan to send by e-mail or use on the Web are a little more forgiving.

What Is Compression?
Different file formats on DSLRs and computers apply different levels of compression. Photographers tend to try and avoid compression by shooting RAW files, which have no compression at all applied to them.

Find Ideas for Editing Photos
Hewlett-Packard has compiled a series of links, articles, and video tutorials for helping beginning photographers edit and restore their photos.

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