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Photography Tips: Shoot Great Digital Camera Photos

By following just a few simple tips, almost anyone can create great photos with a digital camera, even a simple point-and-shoot model. For example, learning to use the manual control features in your camera can improve overall photo quality.
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How to Create Memorable Photos

How to Shoot Photos in Strong Wind
Although many weather conditions make photography tough, wind creates a majority of problems. Use these tips for photography in strong wind.

Great eBay Photos
Any photographer with even a little experience knows that different types of photographs require different techniques. If youre shooting a portrait photo that you want to print at a large size, you know youre going to need specific lighting, camera settings, and equipment versus shooting a photo for e-mail. Photos for the eBay online auction...

Black and White Photo Tips
In the old days of photography -- the dark ages of film -- photographers had only one option for their photos: Black and white. Eventually, color film became easily and readily available, and black and white photographs were history. With digital photography, black and white photos now have become a method of bringing a unique artistic look to...

Photography Lighting Effects
Nothing makes or breaks a photo more than lighting. Dramatic photography lighting can turn a mundane snapshot into something quite breathtaking. To be able to fully use lighting, though, we need to learn about photography lighting effects.

Digital Photo Gallery
Help your fellow photographers learn more about photography by sharing your favorite digital photos. Upload your favorite photo and then tell others how you shot the photo, thereby helping them learn more about photography. See submissions

Improving Composition Skills
All the technical skills in the world can't give you an "eye" for photography. But, by learning various composition skills, you can improve your photography dramatically.

The arguments for shooting in RAW format versus JPEG seem to be never ending at times, with everyone having their own opinion as to which format is better. Learn how to decide the RAW vs. JPEG debate here.

Creatively Using a Camera
There's nothing wrong with only using a camera for shooting basic photographs, but the camera can help you with so many more tasks when you think creatively.

Digital Camera Q&A: With Tony Benshoof of U.S. Olympic Luge Team
Tony Benshoof is a two-time U.S. Olympian in luge. Benshoof also is an avid photographer, creating amazing photographs. Benshoof has offered to give site visitors some tips on photography and advice on camera equipment.

Introduction to Photography
Liz Masoner, About.com's Photography Guide, has compiled an excellent guide for those new to photography, with tips on photo composition, subjects, and the rule of thirds, among other items.

Learn to Shoot Better Photos
On its Web site, Olympus has provided more than a dozen links to tips for improving your photographs and the performance of your digital camera, ranging from learning how to frame a shot to gaining more battery life.

Learn to Maximize Your Point-and-Shoot Camera
Most beginning digital camera photographers use a point-and-shoot model as their first digital camera. These tips will help you maximize the capabilities of your basic, beginner-level digital camera.

View the Pentax Photo Gallery
What sets the Pentax Photo Gallery apart from other collections of photos on the Internet is the ability to not only see great photos, but you'll also be able to see the equipment and settings the photographer used.

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