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Great eBay Photos

Tips and Tricks for Shooting Online Auction Photos That Sell


Any photographer with even a little experience knows that different types of photographs require different techniques. If you’re shooting a portrait photo that you want to print at a large size, you know you’re going to need specific lighting, camera settings, and equipment versus shooting a photo for e-mail. Shooting great eBay photos requires specific techniques, too, such as these tips below show.

  • If you’ve used eBay, you know that a great eBay photo can make or break an auction. Auctions with poor photos receive less attention and fewer bids. Don’t just snap a quick picture; take your time to think about and shoot a good photo. For example, some items are better showcased with a wide shot, while others will work better by focusing on a particular section of the item. You’ll save yourself a lot of headaches from prospective buyers asking for a better photo by doing it right the first time.

  • Make sure your photo clearly shows the item by moving as close as you can and filling the entire frame. Don’t zoom in, especially if you must use a flash. Just move your body and camera closer, and you'll end up with the sharpest and the most well exposed result.

  • If you’re selling an item that includes intricate details, consider shooting in your camera’s macro mode, which is designed specifically for extreme closeups, which will help you shoot a great eBay photo.

  • Avoid using the flash, if at all possible. Move the item to a location where available daylight will give the camera enough external light. Flash photos sometimes can end up with spots where the flash reflects off the item in a manner that will make your item look less desirable.

  • Think about how you’ll frame the photo, and try to remove any distracting clutter near the item. In addition, think about the background you’re using. Don’t shoot a dark-colored item with a dark-colored background, for example.

  • Although you don’t necessarily need a high-resolution photo for use on a Web site like eBay, it might not hurt to shoot a few high-resolution photos that you can use to send to prospective buyers, should they request additional photos. Or, you can mention in the listing that you have high-resolution photos available upon request. Offering such photos can be beneficial to your auction, especially if you’re selling an item that includes intricate detail or that relies on the condition of the item for a sale at a maximum price.
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