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Photo Printing Tips: Create High-Quality Prints

You can have the best digital camera, perfect lighting, and great photo editing software, but if you don't find a high-quality printer, all of the work you put into the photo could be wasted. By following a few simple tips, your digital camera photo prints will look even better on paper than they look on the LCD screen.
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Troubleshooting Inkjet Photo Printers

Tips for Finding Photo Gifts
Creating some homemade and personalized photography gifts can be a great way to find a gift for a friend or family member who is hard to shop for!

Tips for Matting and Framing Photos
Matting and framing a photo is something you can do yourself to save some money. It only requires a little practice and some common-sense tips.

Good Photo Printers
Even if you shoot extremely high-quality digital photos, you might not be able to discern the quality of the photos if you have a below-average digital photo printer. Every printer is not made equally, and some will create brighter and sharper prints than others.

Digital Storage for Photographs
Whatever you do with your images, you need to make sure that you back them up onto some sort of digital storage. Because neither prints nor computers are infallible, it's always best to have another copy of your files just in case. Read about the best photo storage options here.

Photo Storing Errors
If you want to make sure your digital photos are kept safe and sound, you'll back up your images ... while watching out for a few key potential problems. As a professional photographer, I always make dual backups of all of my imagery. Use these tips to avoid photo storing errors.

Preserving and Protecting Photos
With most of today's photos being stored digitally, rather than being in prints, you need to rethink how you store the photos. The shoebox in a drawer won't work any more. Try these tips for protecting, storing, and preserving your digital photos.

RGB stands for red, green, and blue, and it is the spectrum used on DSLRs and computer monitors. CMYK stands for cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, and it is used for printing. This article explores the differences between them in a simple format.

Color Spaces
Our eyes are sensitive to only three main colors: Red, green, and blue. Everything else we see is a combination of these colors. Thus, the way that we view and print digital photos is affected by the way we perceive color, and by color spaces.

Tips for Repairing Torn Photos
If you have some old torn photographs that have seen better days, you have a few different options for removing the damage from those photos.

Photo Sorting
If you have a hard drive full of photos named things like "001-00231," you aren't alone. Sorting photos can be a tricky process, at least without the right advice. Use these tips to help with sorting photos more efficiently.

Organizing Photos
When organizing photos on your hard drive, you have to start with a plan. Attempting to organize photos without starting with a good folder structure, for example, will lead to disaster. Use these tips for organizing photos to develop a successful digital photo sorting system.

Photo Image Quality Settings
When it comes to adjusting the settings for your camera to achieve the best possible images, one aspect that many photographers forget about is setting the image quality and image size to the best possible levels. Use these tips to help you find the right settings for your varying photography needs.

What Resolution Do I Need?
Your digital camera allows you to shoot at varying resolutions, but you'll need to choose your resolution carefully when attempting to create high-quality prints.

Choosing Camera Resolution
Here are some tips for choosing camera resolutions as you prepare to print photos and for learning: What is resolution?

Comparison of Photograph Print Sizes
When you compose a photo, you need to think about the size of the print you plan to make, because the photo will look different, depending on the ratio at which you'll print.

Understand Print Paper Finishes
The type of finish on the paper where you print your photos makes a difference in how the prints look.

Find Creative Print Projects
At Epson's Web site, you can choose from dozens of projects related to photo printing, all of which include downloadable instructions.

Use Creativity When Printing
Hewlett-Packard's Web site has a number of great ideas and free tools for a variety of printing projects, through which you can incorporate your own photos.

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