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How to Resize Photos for E-mail or Web: A Step-by-Step Tutorial


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Start Working With Your Picture
Resizing photos - Step One

The top left corner of your Elements software program, where you find "File."

Michael Carr

Today's digital cameras shoot large-sized images. This is great for making prints, but it is a bad thing when you're sharing images. You don't want to bog down someone's e-mail, for instance, with oversized files. Plus, many e-mail programs won't send or receive large files. If you are posting the images to the Web, it will take too long to load and look weird in its original size.

For the purposes of this tutorial, I am using Adobe Photoshop Elements (Compare prices), as it is a popular photo editing software program. Your digital camera should have come with photo editing software, or you can consult the Graphics Software guide's list of free photo editors if you need one. While there are subtle differences, most operate in much the same manner.

First of all, open your software program. In the top left corner, you will see "File." Click that, and then go down to "Open" and click there.

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