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How to Clean Your Digital Camera


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Cleaning the Camera Body
Cleaning the Camera Body

When cleaning the camera body, pay particular attention to the viewfinder and built-in flash.

As you're learning how to clean the camera body, use the following steps.

  1. Turn the camera off.
  2. If you've been shooting outdoors, where wind may have blown sand or dirt onto the camera, first use a small brush to sweep away any grit or tiny particles. Pay close attention to the seam where the digital camera body comes together, the camera's connectors, the battery and memory card doors, and the areas where the camera's dials and buttons extend from the body. Grit in these areas could cause problems down the road by entering the camera body's interior and damaging components.
  3. Next, clean the viewfinder and the front of the built-in flash, if your digital camera contains those items. Use the same method you used with the glass on the front of the lens. First use a dry microfiber cloth, and only dampen the cloth if necessary for a stubborn smudge.
  4. Finally, clean the body with a dry cloth. You can use a microfiber cloth, but it might be better to save the microfiber cloth for only the lens, viewfinder, and LCD. Use care when using the cloth around the camera's buttons, dials, and connectors. If the camera's zoom lens extends from the camera body, turn the camera on and gently clean the external housing for the zoom lens.
  5. If the dry cloth won't work on a particularly dirty area of the camera body, you can dampen the cloth slightly. You can use a little more force when cleaning the camera body versus cleaning the delicate lens or LCD.
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