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Where to Buy Your Digital Camera

There are many ways to buy a digital camera, including online shops, online auctions and traditional brick-and-mortar stores. Shop around and it could save you tens or hundreds of dollars. Find out all the options available for purchasing a digital camera.
Best Buy's Digital Cameras Page
Best Buy has tons of digital cameras and accessories, usually with pretty good deals too. Each item includes a detailed description and specifications.
Amazon.com is one of the largest online stores around. You can buy new from Amazon or look to see who is putting up things used.
Ritz Camera
Ritz is a nationwide store that knows photography. On Ritz's website you can shop by how many megapixels you want. They also have a ton of accessories.
eBay's Digital Camera Auctions
It can be a bit risky to buy via auction from a stranger, but there is no question this is the place to find the hottest deals and lowest prices. So long as you are careful in your bidding, this can be a wonderful option. It's also a good place to find ultra-low prices from major retailers on refurbished models.
Wal-Mart's Digital Cameras
For deals, it's hard to beat the super discount chain Wal-Mart, whether you buy online or in-store. This isn't the place to turn for the high-end professional digital camera. But if you're looking for a basic camera within a budget, this is a good option.
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