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Cameras: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
How to Protect Your Online Photos from Digital...
If you're placing your photographs on the Internet, you'll want to make sure you protect your rights to those images. The best way to protect digital photos is by watermarking your photos. Use these tips to learn how to watermark your photos.
16 Tips for Going Through Airport Security with...
Vacation travel can be a challenge, especially when going by air. Security is necessary, but it certainly makes things tougher on travelers. Follow a few simple tips, and you're sure to have a good experience when flying with a camera.
The Top 11 Wi-Fi Cameras on the Market
My updated list of the best Wi-Fi cameras include some great camera quality among the best wireless camera models.
11 Best Cameras With Articulated LCDs
My updated list of the best cameras with articulated LCDs -- those that swivel and tilt away from the camera body -- allow for odd-angle photos.
Learn About Different Camera Lenses and Their...
Camera lenses come in either fixed (prime) focal lengths, or zooms, which cover a range of focal lengths. The different focal lengths are grouped into categories for different types of camera lenses.
The 11 Best GPS Cameras
My updated list of the best cameras with GPS can help you with geotagging your photos, which is a handy feature!
8 Quality Digital Cameras that Won't Break the...
The best cheap digital cameras for under a $100 budget include a mixture of older and newer cameras with basic features, as shown in my updated list!
9 Quality Digital Cameras for \$200 or Less
The best cheap digital cameras for under a $200 budget have a nice set of photography features and image quality capabilities.
11 Great Advanced Cameras for Under \$500
The best advanced cameras for less than a $500 budget have some amazing features and image quality, which you'll see in my updated list!
Nikon D810 DSLR Review
Even with a high price tag, the Nikon D810 is a desirable camera, as its image quality and performance levels are extremely impressive.
The 11 Best Cameras for Travel
When traveling with a camera you'll be looking for a versatile model that is small enough to carry comfortably, yet powerful enough to shoot great photos. Here are the best travel cameras!
What Are AE-Lock, FE-Lock, and AF-Lock?
You might have seen AE-lock, AF-lock, and FE-lock buttons on your DSLR camera, but these three
Fix an Important Digital Photo Frame Problem
Most digital photo frames work easily, but there are some tricky aspects to using some of the digital photo frames’ advanced features, as well as occasions where the frames simply won't work.
What Are the Best Viewfinder Cameras?
My updated list of the best viewfinder cameras provides access to a feature that you don't find on many digital cameras -- the viewfinder.
The Best Cameras You Can Buy for Under \$250
My list of the best inexpensive cameras for under a $250 budget include some interesting features, including a few models that can be used underwater!
12 Best Ultra-Thin Cameras
Read through my updated list of the best ultra thin cameras, and you'll find models that will easily fit in a pocket!
Best \$300 Digital Cameras
The best intermediately priced digital cameras for under a $300 budget have a great mix of desirable features, as shown in my updated list.
How to Handle Common Samsung Camera Error...
Finding an error message displayed on the LCD screen of your Samsung camera isn't great news, but at least the camera is trying to tell you about the problem. Use these tips to solve your Samsung camera error messages.
Top Tips to Fix SD Memory Cards
Any problem with the camera's memory card can be a disaster ... no one wants to lose all of their photos. Use these tips for fixing your SD card.
Which Camera Should You Buy?
Which camera should I buy? If you're asking yourself this question, you can use the digital camera reviews, new camera products, best camera lists, and the camera information in this list. Use this digital camera gift guide to find the perfect camera-related gift for the holidays or any other time. This digital camera buying guide will give you the information you need, solving the question: Which camera should I buy?
The 12 Cameras You Should Consider for Your...
The best intermediate level cameras for under a $400 budget will include some impressive models, as shown in the list I've recently updated.
Learn the Difference Between Full Frame and...
One of the most confusing issues when upgrading to a DSLR is understanding the difference between full frame and cropped frame cameras. When you start to look into buying a DSLR, understanding these technical terms will vastly help you.
What Is Aperture?
Aperture has two functions on a DSLR. As well as controlling the amount of light passing through the lens, it also controls depth of field.
How to Get Great Pictures in the Snow
Shooting photos in the snow requires a little extra photographic know-how. Read these simple snow photography tips to help you achieve better winter photography results.
The Top 11 Cameras for Under \$150
The best low-priced digital cameras for under a $150 budget consist of point and shoot models that have some features you may be surprised to see.
12 Best Cameras with Touch Screen LCDs
Here are some of the best cameras with touch screen LCDs.
What's the Difference Between Optical and...
Before buying a digital camera, you must understand zoom lenses, learning the different between an optical zoom lens and a digital zoom lens.
Learn to Troubleshoot Common Panasonic Camera...
Problems typically are pretty rare with Panasonic Lumix digital cameras. On those occasions where you do have an issue, though, look for an error message on the Panasonic camera for some clues as to how to fix the problem.
The 11 Best Cameras You Can Buy with a \$2,000...
The best DSLR cameras for less than a $2,000 budget will give you outstanding image quality and great features, as shown in my updated list!
How to Troubleshoot Your Nikon DSLR Camera
Seeing Nikon DSLR error messages might be frustrating, but at least the DSLR camera is giving you a clue as to the problem. Try these tips to figure out how to solve the problems shown by Nikon DSLR camera error messages.
Digital Camera Safety
Damage to the electrical components or accessories with a digital camera could lead to fire or to a malfunctioning or broken camera. Use these tips to properly maintain, use, and protect your digital camera.
Learn About the Best 12 Nikon Cameras You Can Buy
My updated list of the best new Nikon cameras includes an interesting mixture of high-end DSLR cameras and point and shoot cameras with cool features.
Which Camera Image Stabilization is Best?
Digital camera image stabilization technology, sometimes shortened to IS, helps prevent blurry photos caused by camera shake. Optical image stabilization is preferred over digital image stabilization, although some cameras include dual IS, which combines both types of image stabilization. Most newer digital cameras contain some form of image stabilization.
Best 5-Star Cameras
My updated list of the best 5-star cameras contain the models that have received my highest rating in camera reviews.
The Best Ultra Zoom Cameras
My updated list of the best ultra zoom cameras has quite a few impressive models with zoom lenses of 30X and above.
Best NFC Cameras
Here is my list of the best cameras with NFC capabilities that can help you share photos wirelessly.
Keep This in Mind When Taking Your Camera to...
Taking a camera through the airport requires a bit of planning ahead, so use these tips to fly successfully with your camera.
Find the Best New Canon Cameras
My updated list of the best new Canon cameras includes an interesting mixture of DSLR cameras and nice fixed lens cameras with stylish features.
Sample Complaint Letter to Resolve Warranty...
Whenever attempting to convince a manufacturer to honor a warranty or when involved in a warranty dispute, it helps to file a formal letter with the company, such as this sample complaint letter.
Point and Shoot Cameras Vs. DSLR
This DSLR photography question deals with the differences between DSLR cameras vs. point and shoot cameras. Intermediate and advanced photographers will receive the most benefit from DSLR cameras.
Best Resolution for Digital Photos
Although many digital photographers will just always shoot at the highest possible resolution because it's easier with a high resolution camera, there are times when it's advantageous to shoot at a lower digital camera resolution. Here are some tips for choosing camera resolutions and for learning: What is resolution?
4 Best Wide-Angle Lenses for APS-C DSLR Cameras
Manufacturers have started producing lenses specifically designed for APS-C cameras. These lenses are super-wide (to allow for focal length conversion), and they are designed in cheaper materials to keep costs down. Here is a list of some of the best wide-angle lenses for APS-C DSLR cameras.
The Best Thin Cameras with a Large Zoom lens
Check my recently updated list of the best thin zoom cameras to find some great models that will fit easily in a pocket with a nice size zoom lens.
Tips to Safely Packing Your Camera for Travel
One thing hobbyist photographers and serious photographers have in common: When traveling, neither would ever think of leaving their photography equipment at home. Traveling provides a great opportunity for capturing memorable photos. Avoid causing damage to your photography equipment when traveling.
How Do I Fix My Samsung Camera Errors?
Use these tips to give yourself a better chance to troubleshoot the problem with your Samsung camera.
Understanding Autofocus Points
Modern DSLRs come with a number of focus points, which can usually be seen through the viewfinder. These are known as autofocus points (sometimes called AF points). Autofocus points are what the camera uses to focus on a subject. Use these tips to learn: What are autofocus points?
Tips to Fix Common Problems With Your Canon...
You may experience problems with your Canon camera from time to time that don't result in any error messages or other easy-to-follow clues as to the problem. Troubleshooting such problems can be a little tricky, so use these tips.
Best Settings That Will Help You Get the Best...
When it comes to adjusting the settings for your camera to achieve the best possible images, one aspect that many photographers forget about is setting the image quality and image size to the best possible levels. Use these tips to help you find the right settings for your varying photography needs.
Best Large LCD Cameras
Here are some of the best cameras with extremely large LCDs, measuring at least 3.5 inches diagonally.
How Much Resolution is Considered "High...
This image quality question deals with determining how much resolution is needed for shooting high resolution photos. Resolution amounts help determine what size prints you can make.
Fix a Major Problem with microSD Memory Cards
Use these tips to troubleshoot your microSD and microSDHC memory card problems.
Find the Best Digital Photo Frames
Digital photo frames are cool and interesting methods for displaying your photos and sharing them with others. Use these tips to learn more about making the most of your digital photo frame.
The 7 Best Lenses for Your Nikon DSLR
Once you buy a Nikon DSLR, you'll want interchangeable lenses to go with it. Discover the best Nikon lenses that are worth saving up for.
What Features Will Cameras of the Future Boast?
Digital cameras are always changing, adding new features and improving old ones. At the first CP+ photo tradeshow, the CIPA make predictions on what the
The 5 Best (Free!) Online Photo Editors
If you haven't checked out online photo editors lately, you really should ... and you'll be glad you did. They've advanced far beyond where they were even a few years ago, and some really good online photo editors are free. For more information, read through my list of the best free online photo editors.
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review
The large touchscreen LCD on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will grab your attention initially, but the camera included with this smartphone will be the reason why you will enjoy shooting photos with this device.
The 6 Best Lenses for Your Canon DSLR
The world of camera lenses can seem an absolute minefield to the uninitiated. The minute you buy a Canon DSLR camera, you'll need at least one Canon interchangeable lens to accompany it. Which lenses are worth the money? Here are the best Canon DSLR lenses.
Why Isn't Your Camera's Battery Charging?
Use these tips to give yourself a better chance to fix problems with your camera's battery chargers or AC adapters.
What's an LCD?
The digital camera glossary defines LCD, or Liquid Crystal Display, as the display technology used to create the screens embedded in the back of nearly all digital cameras.
How Does an Image Sensor Work?
Digital cameras use an image sensor to capture a photograph. The sensor works like a piece of film and there are two main types: CMOS and CCD.
12 Best Large Resolution Cameras
Here are some of the best cameras with extremely large resolutions, measuring at least 18MP (megapixels).
Which Camera Should You Take on Vacation?
Not every camera is great for every type of vacation. Use these tips to figure out which type of camera to take, depending on your vacation plans.
The 11 Best Waterproof and Freezeproof Cameras
Point and shoot waterproof cameras are becoming a bit more popular in the market, so that makes the process
Tips to Fix Problems with Your Olympus Camera
You may experience problems with your Olympus camera from time to time that don't result in any error messages or other easy-to-follow clues as to the problem. Use these tips to give yourself a better chance to fix the problem with your Olympus camera.
What Camera Resolution Do You Need?
Your digital camera allows you to shoot at a camera resolution to meet a variety of needs, but you'll need to meet some minimum camera resolutions to create high-quality prints.
What Does "DSLR" Stand For?
The digital camera glossary defines a DSLR, or digital single-lens reflex, camera as a high-end model aimed at intermediate and experienced photographers with interchangeable lenses.
Olympus Camera Error Messages
If you see an error message with your Olympus Stylus digital camera, don't panic. Use the clues to try to solve the problems shown by Olympus camera error messages.
Troubleshooting Nikon Cameras
Troubleshooting Nikon cameras can be easy, with the right advice. If you ever experience problems with your Nikon point and shoot camera, use these tips to try to solve the problem.
Don't Let Cold Weather Ruin Your Camera
Some cold weather problems can cause temporary issues for the camera, while others can cause more permanent damage. Use these tips for improving your camera’s performance when shooting photos in extreme cold.
How to Choose the Right DSLR Camera for Your...
If you're serious about your photography then, at some stage, you're going to want to upgrade to a DSLR camera. My handy guide will point you in the right direction, and help you chose the best DSLR camera for your needs.
Auto Focus Vs. Manual Focus
One aspect of a DSLR that can be difficult to understand for new photographers is choosing between auto focus and manual focus. Read more about the auto focus vs. manual focus debate!
Tips to Fix Problems with Your FinePix Camera
You may experience problems with your Fujifilm camera from time to time. Use these tips to give yourself a better chance to fix the problem.
Best Advice for Creating Unique National...
Use these tips to ensure a successful photography session when trying to shoot unique photos of natural formations and national landmarks.
Print Photos Directly From a Camera
With some digital cameras, you must download photos to a computer before you can print them. However, more and more newer cameras allow you to print directly from the camera, which can be a handy option.
How to Convert Film Pictures to Digital Files
If you shoot film or you have shoe boxes filled with old snapshots, negatives or slides, find out how to convert your pictures into digital files that can be viewed, edited, saved and shared.
Learn About the 5 Main Shooting Modes on Your...
Here is a guide to the five main shooting modes on your DSLR, and an explanation of what each mode does to your camera. Understanding camera shooting modes can make a real difference to the quality of your images.
Our Guide to Buying DSLR Camera Lenses
So, you've chosen your new DSLR camera, but now you need lenses to go with your new system. The choices and terminology can make the whole thing seem quite daunting! Fortunately, this lens buying guide should help you decipher the lingo.
The Right Way to Clean Your Camera Lens
Cleaning a camera lens requires some special care to avoid scratches and other damage to the camera lens. These tips should help you learn how to clean a camera lens properly.
12 Inexpensive Cameras that are Great for Kids
The best kids cameras include a wide variety of models, some of which are basically toys, while others are beginner-level models that are easy to use.
Learn How to Show Your Photographs on Your TV
Sharing your digital photos with a room of people can be frustrating without the right equipment. Use these tips to learn how to show photos on a TV.
10 Best Free Stock Photo Sites
If you're looking for some of the best free stock photo web sites that offer a multitude of images, check out my list!
Best New Samsung Cameras
The best new Samsung cameras offer a great set of features, including large touchscreen LCDs.
Digital Camera Features
Everybody loves getting more bang for their buck, which helps to explain why most digital cameras offer scads of features. However, the more features are packed into a camera, the more difficult to use the camera may become. There may be so many features that you have no idea what most of them do, when to use them, or how they affect your pictures.
Samsung Galaxy Camera Review
Samsung's first attempt at merging a digital camera with a smartphone and its high-quality LCD screen and easy-to-navigate touch screen LCD results in the very interesting Samsung Galaxy Camera.
What Do The Numbers on Your Camera's Zoom Lens...
This basic photography question in the digital camera FAQ deals with understanding zoom lenses, and the numbers listed with zoom lenses. Keep in mind that every 10X zoom lens is not exactly the same.
What Is the Camera Body Only?
The digital camera glossary defines a camera body as the part of the digital camera, which contains the controls, the LCD, and the image sensor.
Tips for Finding a Camera for Shooting HD Photos
This image quality question deals with finding cameras that can shoot HD photos and HD video. Finding a model that can shoot at a 16:9 ratio is a good first step.
Gamma: The Main Reason Monitor Calibration is...
Gamma is used in digital photography to determine the image's brightness. It is important to understand gamma and why you need to calibrate your monitor.
Five Best TIps for Troubleshoot Camera Problems
Few things are as frustrating as when your digital camera just won't work. Some problems are extremely complex and may require shipping your camera to a repair center. Other problems, however, are extremely easy to fix, if you know what to do. Learn how to troubleshoot camera problems with these easy-to-follow tips.
Understanding Buffering in Digital Photography
When you press the shutter button and record an image, a DSLR camera's sensor is exposed to light, and the sensor captures image data. This data is then processed in the camera, and written to the storage card. To help speed up this process, DSLRs contain a camera buffer.
Here Are the Best Underwater Digital Cameras
Extreme photography and underwater photos are great ... as long as your digital camera is useable underwater. If you'd like to take these types of photos, you'll either need an underwater digital camera, as specified by the manufacturer, or you'll need to purchase an underwater housing for your digital camera. Here are some of the best underwater digital cameras and accessories.
Figure Out How to Fix Common Camera Lens Problems
These tips can help you deal with digital camera lens error messages and help you to troubleshoot camera lens problems.
The Top 5 Entry-Level DSLRs
The number of DSLR cameras currently on the market can make choosing one seem daunting, so here are the best entry-level DSLRs, listed in alphabetical order. All of these cameras should give beginners years of hassle-free photography ... and they won't break the bank!
Handy Uses for Your Camera Phone
In an emergency you'll need to provide and receive help, and after it's over, you'll have to return, repair and rebuild. Central to this is communication and documentation. Our society loves red tape, especially after disasters. Below are 50 ways the camera phone can be used in an emergency to document, record, and relay important information.
Best New Sony Cameras
The updated list of the best new Sony cameras includes a nice collection of interchangeable lens cameras and point and shoot cameras!
Review: Nikon's (Mostly) Affordable D5300
The Nikon D5300 DSLR camera has all of the great photography features that you'd expect to find in a mid-range DSLR camera, and Nikon has also included some of the hottest extra features currently found in the digital camera market, such as built-in Wi-Fi and an articulated LCD. It's well worth considering as a first DSLR model.
How to Fix Digital Photo Frames
If you want to keep your digital photo frame working correctly and clean for optimal viewing, read through the tips included here!
Best \$1,000 Cameras
The best DSLR and mirrorless cameras for less than a $1,000 budget provide near-professional level image quality, as shown in my updated list.
What Is a Fixed Lens Camera?
A fixed lens camera is typically an advanced model that cannot use interchangeable lenses, and that carries some interesting features.
Best Full Frame DSLRs
If you're serious about photography, these are the cameras to consider. Here are the best full frame cameras on the market.
Best Panasonic Cameras
The best Panasonic cameras include point and shoot cameras with cool features and the company's recent small mirrorless ILC models.
Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Review
The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom camera attempts to combine a fully functioning smartphone with a handy to use beginner-level camera.
12 Best Mirrorless Cameras
Here are some of the best mirrorless cameras on the market today. These cameras have interchangeable lenses and thin bodies.
Keep Safe With Your Camera
As with any type of consumer electronics device, a digital camera requires some safety precautions to ensure that it will work correctly and safely for you. The last thing you want is to operate the camera in a manner that could leave you with an injury.
What Are Those Lens Filters Really Used For?
Back in the days of film cameras, pro photographers carried a vast number of filters with them to deal with certain lighting conditions and to add effects. But, with the advent of DSLRs and their features such as white balance, many of these filters have now become obsolete. However, there are still some filters that are very useful in digital photography. Here are the best lens filters that I would carry with me.
Best Tips for Using Your Camera at Universal...
If you’re going to the Universal Studios theme parks, you’re going to want to take your digital camera along for those once-in-a-lifetime moments.
Troubleshooting Memory Card Readers
You may experience problems with your external memory card reader from time to time that don't result in any easy-to-follow clues as to the problem. Use these tips to give yourself a better chance to fix the problem with your memory card reader.
Tips to Create Awesome In-Camera Effects
There are a host of imaging programs available nowadays, and you can make almost any adjustment to your digital photographs on a computer. It can be far more satisfying to learn how to create different effects in-camera, though. Try these tips for creating in-camera digital camera effects.
What Is the Mode Dial?
The mode dial is one of the most important parts of a camera, giving you access to the shooting modes, but it helps to know what each icon means to achieve the best results when shooting.
Stop All the Action with 7 Simple Tips for...
Action photography can be a challenge. Learn a few basic tips that will help you stop any movement and capture those amazing sports images.
Got Curvy Lines? Learn How to Fix Lens Barrel...
Lens barrel distortion is a common problem in photography and it causes straight lines to curve out. Learn how to correct this wide-angle lens issue.
Learn to Fix Memory Card Problems
If you ever experience a problem with your camera's memory card, it can be a frightening feeling. Use these tips to troubleshoot your memory card.
Personality Quiz: What Type of Camera Are You?
Have some fun and learn about the different types of cameras with this personality quiz: What Type of Camera Are You?
Troubleshoot SDHC Memory Cards
You may experience problems with your SDHC memory cards from time to time that don't result in any easy-to-follow clues as to the problem.
The arguments for shooting in RAW format versus JPEG seem to be never ending at times. Learn how to decide the RAW vs. JPEG debate here.
Energizer Ultimate Lithium Battery Review
Energizer contacted me recently and asked me to review their latest set of one-time use batteries, the Energizer Ultimate Lithium, which Energizer claims lasts up to nine times longer than standard batteries.
What Makes the Canon EOS 7D a Great Camera?
First released in 2009, the Canon 7D is a fantastic DSLR camera that takes fantastic, high-quality photographs at a price most photographers can afford.
Best 4-Star Cameras
Here are some of the best cameras I've reviewed that have received 4-star or 4 1/2-star review ratings.
How Do I Copyright My Digital Photos?
Click the link to read tips to learn about your options for copyrighting your photos in an effort to protect them from would-be thieves.
Improve Your Flash Photography with These...
The most common and easiest way to add light to a scene when using a DSLR or DIL camera is a small flash unit, also called a speedlight, that attaches to the hot shoe of your camera.
Should You Buy an Extended Warranty for Your...
Should you buy an extended warranty? This is a question with no simple answer. The best thing you can do is give the issue of an extended warranty for a digital camera some thought before you arrive in the checkout lane, learn all of the rules concerning this particular extended warranty, and figure out whether it makes sense mathematically. Buying an extended warranty for a digital camera just requires some homework on your part.
Image Editing Software
The digital camera glossary defines image editing software as a computer software program that you can use to make alterations to your digital photographs.
The Right White Balance for Different Lighting...
Most of the time, the Auto White Balance (AWB) setting on your DSLR will prove extremely accurate. However, occasionally, your camera's AWB can become confused and need a little help. Use these tips to figure out which white balance settings to select manually.
Learn to Fix This Especially Tough Nikon Camera...
Seeing Nikon camera error messages might be frustrating, but at least the camera is giving you a clue as to the problem. Try these tips to figure out how to solve the problems shown by Nikon point and shoot camera error messages.
What Is Automatic Exposure?
The digital camera glossary defines automatic exposure (AE) as an automated digital camera system that sets the aperture and/or shutter speed, based on the external lighting conditions for the photo.
Step Up Your Photography Game with an...
A studio lighting kit is one of the best investments a photographer can make. While they can cost a lot, here are 4 affordable options for the beginner.
Do You Know How to Use Exposure Compensation on...
Most DSLR cameras include exposure compensation which allows you to adjust the exposure read by the camera's light meter. Learn how to use this tool.
How to Connect Your Camera to a Computer
Avoid camera problems by learning how to use your camera correctly from the time you take it out of the box. With these step-by-step instructions, you'll learn how to properly connect a camera to a computer to download photos.
Important Tips to Take Better Photos in Winter
Shooting photos in cold weather with a point and shoot camera can cause foggy lenses and batteries that drain more quickly than usual, not to mention exposure problems caused by sun and reflective snow. Beginners must battle quite a few problems, requiring winter photography tips.
How to Clean Your Digital Camera
Clean digital cameras work and look better. However, you need to use some care when cleaning the digital camera. The instructions included here will help you avoid mistakes.
Effective vs. Actual Pixels: Understand the...
Camera specifications include the term 'effective pixels' and it is important to know what that means and how it differs from the total pixel count.
HD (High Definition) Video
The digital camera glossary defines high-definition video, usually shortened to HD video, as a type of video clip that has a high resolution, usually at least 1024x768 pixels.
Find the New Cameras Announced During CES 2016
Camera manufacturers announced some very interesting new digital camera designs and technological improvements during the CES 2016 trade show.
What's the Best Type of Memory Card?
This basic photography question deals with learning about the different types of camera memory cards and determining which one is best for your digital camera.
Want to Take Better Photos? It's All in the Lens!
Understanding the effects of a camera lens' focal length will help you choose the right lens for a particular scene and your style of photography.
Shoot Your Own Portraits, Artistic Nudes and...
Yes, you can use your digital camera to take your own portraits, artistic nudes and glamour photos. There are key tips to make the session successful, and enjoyable for both photographer and model. Find out how to take great portraits, artistic nudes and glamour photos.
A Review of the Canon EOS 60D DSLR
Despite its name, the 60D is most definitely the Rebel T2i's big brother, and not the successor to the 50D. The Canon EOS 60D has been released to bridge the gap between its Rebel T2i and 7D. It's a bold step by Canon, but has it paid off?
How to Improve Your Night Photography
Shooting night photos can be a challenge, especially with a point and shoot camera. Night photos also can be among the most dramatic photos you'll shoot. Having the right equipment and knowing the correct techniques should improve your night photography results. Try these tips for shooting night photos successfully.
What Is ISO?
ISO sensitivity in a digital camera essentially is equal to the measurement of film speed in a 35mm film camera. With higher ISO sensitivities (represented by a higher number), less light is required to create the image, which allows for faster shutter speeds. Use these tips to learn more about ISO.
What Is a CMOS Image Sensor?
The digital camera glossary defines a CMOS sensor as a type of image sensor inside a camera consisting of an integrated circuit that records an image.
Canon PowerShot SX610 HS Review
The Canon PowerShot SX610 is an option worth considering as a thin camera that fits easily in a pocket while carrying an 18X optical zoom lens.
Best New Olympus Cameras
The best new Olympus cameras include a great mix of compact PEN mirrorless ILC cameras, stylish point
Tips for Basic Geotagging Camera Options
Geotagging cameras are a popular aspect of photography, allowing you to mark the locations of your photos as they're shot.
Optical Zoom
The digital camera glossary defines optical zoom as the magnification of a digital image using physical changes in the focal length of the zoom lens to magnify the image.
How to Find a Camera With Fast Shutter Speeds
This basic photography question deals with finding a camera with fast shutter speed.
Troubleshooting Issues with CF Memory Cards
Although the CompactFlash (CF) type of memory cards are pretty sturdy, you may experience problems occasionally with your CF memory cards.
Free Photo Editing Software
Want to alter the colors of your photos to make them more creative? Is your grandmother's portrait a bit dark? Does that picture of your gentle golden retriever have bright red devil eyes? Free photo editing software can fix all that and more. Here's a list of some free photo editing software you can easily download.
What's the Proper Way to Safely Store Your...
If you plan to go a week or more without using your digital camera, it's important that you learn how to store your digital camera safely. If you don't store the camera properly, you could cause damage to the camera during its period of inactivity. Use these tips to learn how to store your digital camera safely.
Where Are Canon Cameras Made?
Canon is one of the world's leading manufacturers of digital cameras, led by its Canon PowerShot and Canon Rebel models of Canon digital cameras.
Nikon D3300 DSLR Reviews
Nikon traditionally has done a nice job with entry-level DSLR cameras, and one of its latest offerings -- the D3300 -- builds on that tradition.

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