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Canon PowerShot G10 Camera User Review

Reader Reviews: User Reviews of Canon Cameras

User Rating 3 Star Rating

By Kathy

Name of product: 

Canon G10

Approximate date of purchase: 

October 2008

My Review 

I was told how great the Canon cameras were from my husband, who had used nothing but Canon for his photography, which covered many years. He bought me the G10 as we do a lot of traveling. Twice the camera failed on me. The first time I could not figure out what was wrong and blamed it on the battery. The second time I could not get it to work, so I sent it to have it repaired. It ended up the company had to send it to Canon factory, costing me well over $200. for the money my husband paid for this and to have failed me twice, I know I will never purchase a Canon once this goes out. Also, of note, my husband bought a G12, which he finally gave to our son because he was so disappointed in the quality of the camera. I bought him an Olympus Penn which he loves. I really did like the easy operating of the Canon and the beautiful pictures it does take, but now I have the fear of it failing me once again on one of my travels. It was the shutter mechanism that had to be replaced.

Is this camera easy to use? 

About average

How is the image quality in good lighting? 

Shoots great photos

How is the image quality when using the flash? 

Shoots great photos

Do you like the camera's style and feel? 


How is the camera's LCD screen? 

Very sharp and bright

Do you feel like the camera is/was a good value? 


Would you recommend this to a friend? 


Kyle Schurman, About.com Cameras, says:

Sorry to hear that -- it's always frustrating to have a camera that just isn't reliable.

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