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Reader Reviews : User Reviews of GE Cameras

User Rating 4.5 Star Rating (10 Reviews)


Do you own a GE camera? If so, share your experiences -- both good and bad -- regarding your camera. Write a user review of a GE camera, and help other photographers avoid a troublesome model or find a great model.

GE X500 Camera User Review

The camera was given as gift to replace an older Fuji FinePix. Though I've just begun put the camera into extensive use, outdoor picture quality has been outstanding. Pictures taken inside, for me, h…More

GE X5 Camera User Review

Was for sale at HSN (Home Shopping Network). My son bought it for me.I like the Burgandy color. Has a nice design to hold the camera in a pretty good position. It has a viewfinder and about a 2" to 2…More

GE X500 Camera User Review

First I was looking for digital camera, which had a lot of features but will not cost so much money. Then I researched and found out about the GE X500. Before I decided to choose that camera, I read …More

GE XE 5 Camera User Review

The GE XE5 is a low priced camera which has all the options of a medium-priced camera. The camera is relatively easy to use and with a little practice, you can master all the options available. The o…More

GE J1200 Camera User Review

The GE J1200 12.2 megapixel 5X optical zoom has been great for me. I'm not a pro by any means, but this camera is sure making me look like one.It takes great photos that are clear and sharp. The 2.5 …More

GE X500 Camera User Review

I was looking for a new camera for summer, and I was surfing through various options. I wanted a camera that could suit my budget and while searching on Amazon, I got to know about this camera. The f…More

GE X400 Camera User Review

I just bought this camera, and so I'm not completely used to it yet and I'm just learning what all the settings are for but this camera rocks! I love it!! The pictures I take for the most part are cr…More

GE-X500 PRO Camera User Review

One word -- excellent! So far, I am loving this camera. I love the white color, and it definitely pops out and doesn't look like everybody's camera. The features are simple, and there is lot to learn…More

GE X5 Camera User Review

The GE X5 is my first camera. After a long research and comparisons among the available cameras in the market within my price range, I finally chose this one. There are reasons why I chose this camer…More

GE J1250 Camera User Review

At first I was hesitant to buy the camera, because GE is not that known when it comes to digital cameras. But what attracted me the most is that for a low price, it can compete with other known brand…More

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