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Yashica Electo X 35mm Film SLR Camera User Review

Reader Reviews: User Reviews of Discontinued Brands of Film Cameras

User Rating 5 Star Rating

By george mcbride

Yashica Electo X 35mm Film SLR Camera User Review


Name of product: 

Yashica Electo X 35mm film SLR

Approximate date of purchase: 


My Review 

I have and still use my Yashica Elecro X 35mm SLR, at this time it is in a nearby service center, getting cleaned, and checking for calibration for flash. I have used this camera to do photos of weddings, race cars, fashion, and close-ups. I have all kinds of lenses, from the standard to a 400mm with tele-x extenders, to micro and macro, even turning the lens around and using a Bellows feature. I use a 1A filter along with others. I like the electonic system it has, as it's very quiet. It runs off a 6 volt tiny battery. I recommend when buying a good camera that it has a glass lens, with the widest F-stop you can find. Mine is F 1.7. I still use film, although I do have a digital camera. When using film, I always get a CD, then I can load the photos into the computer, and digitalize. There are so many ways to go and so much fun! Thanks, George

Camera "pros" 

Very versatile, very easy to use, has a depth of field preview, a metal film plain, not cloth, I like to create a lot, has F-Stop or Shutter speed preferred, and an electronic shutter. I have a 400mm lens and Extenders, and Micro, Macro, and bellows, and lots of filters that adapt very well.

Camera "cons" 

This is an old camera, so it does have some weight, also it is a thread mount, so lenses are hard to find, this digital sensation has caught up with us, the use of film is kind of out dated.

Is this camera easy to use? 

Very easy to use

How is the image quality in good lighting? 

Shoots great photos

How is the image quality when using the flash? 

Shoots great photos

Do you like the camera's style and feel? 


How is the camera's LCD screen? 

Very sharp and bright

Do you feel like the camera is/was a good value? 


Would you recommend this to a friend? 


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Thanks for the great information on this camera and for the overall advice!

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