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Reader Reviews : User Reviews of Sony Cameras

User Rating 4.5 Star Rating (23 Reviews)


Do you own a Sony point and shoot, Sony DIL, or Sony DSLR camera? If so, share your experiences -- both good and bad -- regarding your camera. Write a user review of a Sony camera, and help other photographers avoid a troublesome model or find a great model.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX100V Camera User Review

Cyber-shot DSC-HX100V digital camera.I am having a good time with this 20X zoom camera.Color looks great. It handles well. Today I captured photos of some Coast Guard gun boats, in the New London, Co…More

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H2/H5 Camera User Review

Great camera for me and still is. I use it all the time. Takes good portrait and outdoor shots. Lots of good features. Easy photo downloads. Nice clear crisp LCD screen. I like using the finder most.…More

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX7V Camera User Review

I really like the compact size for a 10X zoom, 16 megapixel, and large 3-inch display. Fairly easy to use and produces great pictures. I find this camera great for the casual or advanced user. Read t…More

Sony DSLR A2000 DSLR Camera User Review

Superior handling since it's lighweight and very convenient to manipulate; simple dials within a finger's touch. Battery life is extremely reliable, and with added functions not present on other came…More

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H50 and DSC-H70 Cameras User Review

I needed an almost pro camera, with a bigger lens that's able to work in darker conditions, not only for photos, but for small movies. On the other hand, I did not want to carry a big camera, so I wa…More

Sony NEX-3 DIL Camera User Review

I have used this camera with the E-35 -- 5.6 / 18-55mm OSS lens, although newer NEX-3 C cameras have come out, I am glad to have purchased this one. It has been as good or near perfect as any camera …More

Sony Alpha 100 DSLR Camera User Review

I have been an active photographer for over 50 years and have used this camera regularly for work, personal, and to document various public, church and community service agency events and activities.…More

Sony Alpha 300 DSLR Camera User Review

I bought my first Sony A300 in September 2008 for just taking pictures on my travels. I have recently purchased another unit as I found that sometimes switching lenses outside is not the best for dir…More

Sony Alpha 700 DSLR Camera User Review

I absolutely love my Sony A700, the ease of use, low light capability, steady hands sensor and the wide range of modes available for taking photos. It's quick, responsive, and through the lens viewin…More

Sony Alpha 55 DSLR Camera User Review

I previously had a Sony DSLR A100 and enjoyed using it, but not nearly as much as I love my Sony A55. I have a 16-105mm lens that I keep on the camera, and have a 50mm for still shots (flowers, portr…More

Sony Alpha 350 DSLR Camera User Review

I own the Sony Alpha DSLR after upgrading from the A100. I find the camera easy to use. It takes excellent pictures. I don't use auto on any of my shots and with the manual mode options, it gives me …More

Sony Alpha 350 DSLR Camera User Review

This is a great intermediate camera with a 14.2MP system. I bought it new with an 18-70mm Sony lens and a 70-300mm Sony lens, which are good lenses but not as fine as Zeiss.The camera is a good all a…More

Sony Cyber-shot NEX-5 Camera User Review

The reviews of the camera itself lured me into purchasing the Sony NEX-5. I am taking my "Bucket List Trip" consisting of 6 weeks in Europe and wanted the lightest possible camera and lens. Unfortuna…More

Sony Alpha 300 DSLR Camera User Review

I bought this camera for my first DSLR. I really love this camera. It was very easy to understand and easy to use. It works well with low lighting and in undesirable situations. The flash was fine fo…More

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T300 Camera User Review

It takes great pictures. The touch screen allows for a very large LCD on the back, which makes for great viewing of photos. The battery doesn't hold a charge for long, so I have to be sure to charge …More

Sony Cyber-shot D55 Camera User Review

I bought the Sony D55 as a second camera, so I can take it places. I started using it, and I was not impressed with the quality of pictures. Also, battery life is low. I have used Canon cameras befor…More

Sony Alpha 300 DSLR Camera User Review

It had been quite awhile since I had done any serious shooting, and when I decided to get back into photography, I was honestly feeling a little intimidated by all of the new terms being used in the …More

Sony Alpha 200 DSLR Camera User Review

I am a 35-year veteran of using a Minolta SRT 201. It's quite a change over to the world of digital. I suffered a minor stroke and was having trouble keeping my 201 in focus and steady. After some re…More

Sony Alpha 100 DSLR Camera User Review

I have used cameras for over 10 years, both personally and professionally, to cover special events and various service agency program activities. I previously owned a Minolta Maxxum 9000, and I now u…More

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W50 Camera User Review

This little workhorse is so reliable and takes such exquisite photos, I intend to buy them whenever I see them in good condition.At this time, I have three. I have had others. One, I just wore out. O…More

Sony Alpha NEX-5 Camera User Review

I simply love my camera! It is very user friendly and takes great photos. The only drawback is not having a case to protect the camera. The camera is very easy to use. Image quality is great in good …More

Sony SLT-A33 DSLR Camera User Review

I am new to DSLR photography, coming from many years of frustration with point and shoot cameras. I tried just about everything, but I never really found what I wanted, which was the flexible focal r…More

Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX5V/B Camera User Review

Highlights: (full specifications are on sony.com)* Sony’s smallest and thinnest AVCHD capable digital camera (1080i) * 10x (25mm equivalent) professional-quality optical zoom G-Lens (same lens …More

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