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Sony Alpha 300 DSLR Camera User Review

Reader Reviews: User Reviews of Sony Cameras

User Rating 5 Star Rating

By Melissa

Name of product: 

Sony Alpha 300 DSLR

Approximate date of purchase: 

May 2009

My Review 

I bought this camera for my first DSLR. I really love this camera. It was very easy to understand and easy to use. It works well with low lighting and in undesirable situations. The flash was fine for normal shooting, but I opted to get an external flash to provide more light when shooting indoor functions. It came with the regular 18-70mm lens, which I quickly became bored with. Now I shoot with a 70-300mm or 50mm prime.

I also love that this camera is not as light as others I have used and has a comfortable grip for smaller hands. The tiltable screen is perfect for people who like to shoot different angles.

This camera is great for amateur photographers as well as those with more experience.

Camera "pros" 

Weight, durability, shutter speed, low light ability, live view, tiltable screen for awkward shooting, and steady shoot for hand shake

Camera "cons" 

Have not found any yet

Is this camera easy to use? 

Very easy to use

How is the image quality in good lighting? 

Shoots great photos

How is the image quality when using the flash? 

Shoots great photos

Do you like the camera's style and feel? 


How is the camera's LCD screen? 

Very sharp and bright

Do you feel like the camera is/was a good value? 


Would you recommend this to a friend? 


Kyle Schurman, About.com Cameras, says:

Thanks for the thorough review - I'm glad the A300 is working so well for you!

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