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Black Sony Cyber-shot Camera, lost in July

Share Your Story: Camera Lost and Found

By Meg Stevens

Did You Find a Camera? Or Did You Lose a Camera?


Describe the Camera, Such as Brand/Model/Color.

Sony Cyber-shot, black

Does the Camera Have Any Identifying Marks?

No identifying marks, but well used, certainly doesn't look new! Contains photos of our family trip through Laos, Thailand and farewell pics when we left Vietnam.

How Should the Camera's Owner / Finder Contact You?

E-mail: sameg@hotmail.com

When Approximately Was the Camera Found / Lost?

Lost in Bangkok in July 2012

Where Exactly Was the Camera Found / Lost?

It was left on the train from Sukathai, Bangkok, or taken from backpack on subway, not sure which. Case is still in our possession. Went back and searched train but could have easily been taken off the seat after we walked away, photos of our family, 3 blonde children (2 girls and 1 boy).

Lessons Learned

  • Make sure you actually put camera away after use and check before getting off the transport that you still have it.

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