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Reader Submissions: Digital Photo Gallery


Help your fellow photographers learn more about photography by sharing your favorite digital photos. Upload your favorite photos and then tell others how you shot the photo, thereby helping them learn more about photography. Whether you're a beginning photographer, intermediate, or advanced, telling others about how you shot your favorite photos can help them learn more about photography ... and thinking about the photo might help you learn more about your photography skills, too.


It was cloudy. No flash. I don`t have special preferences regarding light, especially when I shoot with this wonderful camera. I prefer to capture images in RAW and post processing in Camera Light 6 …More

"Daffodils in Front of Empire State"

It was a sunny day, but a little cloudy. The photo was taken outdoors on the sidewalk opposite the Empire State Building. There were no problems with the lighting, even though the sun was directly in…More

"Melting Snow" With Fish-eye Lens

It was a very sunny, warm winter day in Gaylord, Mich. There was plenty of natural light outside. It was so warm, the snow was melting. I would say it was about 40 degrees outside, you barely needed …More

"Deep Feeling"

The day was different from any other day, it was a rainy day. The lighting is so natural, a little dark. The picture is taken outside of an Ethiopian Orthodox Church. I didn't use flash. I use manual…More

"Australian Native"

The weather was fine and sunny, I cannot remember if it was cloudy but the light was very good. The photo was taken outdoors in our Australian Native garden. I did not use a flash or any other photog…More

"Kangaroo Paws and Spider"

Fine and sunny, and I cannot remember if there were clouds or not. I took the shot outdoors in our native garden. I just used the natural light to make the shot. I did not use a flash. I had no artif…More

"Floating Flower"

I was on vacation in Biloxi, Miss. It was a nice sunny day and I wanted to go take some photos outside of the hotel. I went to the front of the IP hotel. I saw an area that had lots of trees and flow…More

"My Baby Girl"

Cloudy, indoors, with no flash. I dealt with the lighting conditions by staying inside, and we could not go outside so my baby girl was sad, and she was looking outside at the lake we where going to …More


It was windy as the storm was approaching. The lighting was restricted by the clouds, which covered all of the sky. It was taken outside and the lighting conditions were helped with the use of Gamma-…More

"Looking West During Sunset"

It was a hot sunny day in the Bahamas. Right at sunset, the storm clouds starting building to the west and the lights from the sunset lit up the clouds perfectly. I jumped up on the roof and a friend…More

"Christmas Eve's Sunrise"

It was below freezing, but no snow. The wind was a real problem and I had to take several shots in the hope one would not be blurred from camera shake. Unfortunately, there was nothing nearby to brac…More

"Now I Lay Thee Down to Sleep..."

The weather was beautiful that day. I walked outside of my job, and I always look into the sky. When I noticed the way it looked, I have never seen anything so beautiful and knew I needed to capture …More

"Lake Michigan in the Winter"

It was a cloudy day. Although the sun did pop out a couple of times, I used the natural outdoor lighting and no flash was needed. The lighting conditions were absolutely perfect, in my opinion. I thi…More

"Oliver Lake, British Columbia, Canada"

As seen in the image, it was a cloudy overcast day in December 2011, just outside of Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada. The light reflected off of the snow and ice, along with the light of the …More

"Shadowed Flowers"

The weather was sunny on the day that I took this photo. I took this picture in my backyard at my home. I used natural sunlight, along with the shadows that enveloped the white flowers that I was foc…More

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