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Reader Submissions: Digital Photo Gallery


Help your fellow photographers learn more about photography by sharing your favorite digital photos. Upload your favorite photos and then tell others how you shot the photo, thereby helping them learn more about photography. Whether you're a beginning photographer, intermediate, or advanced, telling others about how you shot your favorite photos can help them learn more about photography ... and thinking about the photo might help you learn more about your photography skills, too.

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"Magnificent Cat"

It was taken outdoors on a cold partly sunny partly cloudy day in January. Depending on where the animal was you had to adjust your WB manually to get a good shot. No flash was used so you would not …More

"My Two Beautiful Rescue Cats"

This photo was shot inside my house with the cats on the bed and natural light coming through the window. No flash. The day was partly sunny and was later in the afternoon.I had parted my curtains pa…More

"Nature Beauty and the Techno Fantasy"

It was a sunny day, with extremely high dynamic range. The kind of scene one may consider only emphasizing on either highlight or shadow area of the subject. It is even trickier if main subject area …More

"Ready To Launch!"

It was a warm, sunny day in November when i took this picture. It was taken at the Fullerton Arboretum in California and was taken in an area that had a lot of Sage plants, attracting Hummingbirds. I…More

"NYC Life"

This was on a trip when I went to New York City this past year. We went on a city tour. The weather was pretty chilly, considering it was the time between fall and winter. It was very windy. It would…More

"Waiting Alone"

New York City Subway in early NovemberTherefore conditions were hot and sweaty.Increased ISO to cover low underground lighting, also as not to need flash.I feel flash makes people nervous and can dra…More

"Water Droplets"

It was taken in IndoorsIn a Dark Room With a Tap with running water and at a very Slow Speed with no Light and With Flash On and Macro Settings and a blue colored bucket to hold the water and I made …More

"Reflecting Night"

The place is Alleppy/Allapuza Backwaters in Kerala, India. Shot at very early morning at around 4 AM. It was totally dark outside my house boat. The moment i saw this view, it was so beautiful. No fl…More

"Star and Stripes Keep Shining"

The weather was sunny and around mid-afternoon two days after the May 31 tornado in Moore, Oklahoma. I had to kneel in water in order to catch the lighting that would give me a perfect reflection of …More

"Fungi in Barrel"

Semi cloudy day with good light I thought, so no flash required as the photo was taken outside. It was also slightly windy so I set up a small wind break so the flowers that occupy the half barrel di…More

"Butterfly Lunch"

It was a very sunny, hot and humid day. It was very difficult to be out and about because of the weather and how hot it was. However, my mission on that day was to photograph butterflies and they wer…More

"Hey Mr. Hummingbird"

It was taken on a partly cloudy morning, but there was just enough sunlight to be able to shoot with natural light. I try not to use the flash whenever possible. For this picture, it was a little tri…More

"Life in the Air"

It was quite a sunny afternoon, so no flash needed, and shutter speed of 1/1000 decreased the bright light a bit so that was not a problem. The weather was pretty hot and I was sweating! I was lucky …More

"Light the Sky on Fire"

This long exposure photo was taken in the late afternoon/early evening around 6 p.m. I wanted to catch the sunset right as it starts going down so it's not too bright and not too dark. The weather an…More

"Colorful Waterfall"

The light was mid-morning and gorgeous. There were no clouds in the sky, and as a result the shadows are a little bit more harsh than I would have prefered, but that just means I need to show up earl…More

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