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"Downtown Detroit"

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By Md. Samad

"Downtown Detroit"

"Downtown Detroit"

What Type of Camera and/or Lenses Did You Use?

Canon 50D, kit lens 28- 135 mm

What Was the Weather Like? What Was the Lighting Like?

It was a cold night in Detroit near the water. It was near the end of autumn. I used a low shutter speed with a low aperture. I used a high ISO. It's also very important to use a tripod for this type of photo.


  • Use a low shutter speed, low aperture, and high ISO.
  • You must use a tripod.

Why Is This One of Your Favorite Photos?

The color I got to see in city like Detroit.

What Did You Learn About Photography With This Photo?

That I love photography even more than I did few minute ago.

Kyle Schurman, About.com Cameras, says:

Very cool photo - thanks for uploading it!

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