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"Good Morning"

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By jacki42o

"Good Morning"

Good Morning

What Type of Camera and/or Lenses Did You Use?

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS7

What Was the Weather Like? What Was the Lighting Like?

It was a sunny morning in May. The weather was a bit chilly but not too bad. The picture was taken outdoors. No flash was used. The lighting conditions were perfect for the type of look I wanted. The sun was just beginning to pop out of the clouds and the way it reflected on the water I thought was absolutely beautiful.


  • I would have to say centering everything perfectly has a big effect on the photo.
  • Also having the sun to your back is a big plus.

Why Is This One of Your Favorite Photos?

I love the way the sunrise reflects onto the water. It gives almost an optical illusion look to the photo. It also is a reminder of my favorite place I've been so far.

Kyle Schurman, About.com Cameras, says:

Great photo - very beautiful setting! Thanks for sharing it!

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