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Readers Respond: Do You Have Experience With Extended Warranties?

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Have you ever purchased an extended warranty on a camera or other product? Share your experiences with extended warranties, good and bad!

I have an excellent experience

I bought 4 years extended waranty for my laptop and was so worthy! In that period, it broke 3 times, and they repaired it without extra charge and without any problem. From then on, I always buy extended warranties for my expensive electrical items.
—Guest Alejandra Ureta

Extended warranty

I bought an extended warranty for my daughter's Canon D10 PowerShot, which developed a fault one month outside the guarantee period. Allianz organized the repair, but after six weeks without spare parts, Allianz refunded the cost of a replacement camera. The original extended warranty cost 19 pounds but, one year later, the price to insure the new camera has risen to 53 pounds. How's that for inflation? I am looking for a cheaper deal, but I think I will take out another extended warranty. Any suggestions would be welcome.
—Guest Eileen

Extended Warranties worth it

We have had extended warranties on our camera's through Ritz and yes - we have dropped them both, and have had both replaced at some point over the past couple years. Replaced. Easy. No hassles.
—Guest Membername

Worked for us

Purchased camera from Argos. Developed a fault, slow loss of LCD, one pixel column at a time. Took it back to Argos...model discontinued...got a refund of purchase price. Simplicity was the key, with no argument whatsoever.
—Guest Chris

repair programme

I bought a camera with Jessica Hua but the lens of it isn't routine work and be seriously invision.However J advised that take to repair group and get a receipt after repair work.Now the Camera Ixus 860i is in normal after three day repairing as regulaer as the annousemtn explaining book.
—Guest Maashi

Tough one

This is a tough one. A lot of the dealers will deny claim if you drop it or get it wet. I would guess that's where most of the problems occur. I never get a warranty.

wolfe/ritz extended warranty

purchased a no fault extended warranty on my daughter's camera. She dropped the lens and it was repaired no questions asked.
—Guest shilohdad

Extended Warranties

I recently purchased a 2 year warranty on my new Canon Rebel xti from Wolfe camera. I recently heard that they may be going out of business. That disturbed me. I called the store and they did say they were filing chapter 11( i think thats right) but that they were trying to stay in business. Did I just waste money buying a warrenty?

Camera Warranty

I say yes to extended warranties. I got my camera from Best Buy, purchased the warranty and within a year had to use the warranty. I had no problem whatsoever. Best Buy honored the warranty, and I got a better camera. Purchased the warranty on that one also, and within the year had to use the warranty again. Best Buy once again honored the warranty with no problem. I love my camera and I would not even think about not getting the extended warranty. Just hold onto your paperwork. I think that plays a BIG part on what is honored. Each time I traded my camera in for a better one.
—Guest Marlene

Good Warranty experience

I purchased a Canon PowerShot S3IS and used it for about one month when a grinding noise develoved as the lens went in or out. It was sent in for repair, but I was leaving for Africa and needed a camera. I purchased another camera and went on the month-long trip. When I returned home, I checked on t he camera and was told it was not repairable so buy another camera. I told them I already had and they immediately gave me a check for the amount of the new camera. This store was Best Buy. I had paid $79.00 for a 2-year warranty. In this case, it was well worth the money spent on the warranty as the new Canon had cost a little over $450.00. I also have a Canon SD 1100 IS which was only $200.00 so did not buy a warranty for that camera. On an expensive camera, however, I feel it's worth the money spent, if you're comfortable with the store from which you buy.

extended warranty

I bought an extended warranty on a Sony H2 for 59.99 for four years. My daughter took it to Can Cun and the shutter button came off. I took it to Best Buy and they sent it off and fixed it and adjusted it and cleaned it. no cost
—Guest Marion

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