1. Technology
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LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)


LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)

This digital camera, the Cyber-Shot G3, has an especially wide LCD.

Definition: LCD, or Liquid Crystal Display, is the display technology used to create the screens embedded in the back of nearly all digital cameras. In a digital camera, the LCD works for reviewing photos, displaying menu options, and serving as a live viewfinder.

Even inexpensive digital cameras now contain full-color LCD screens. Some beginner-level digital cameras do not contain a separate viewfinder, forcing you to use the LCD as a viewfinder at all times.

LCD screen sharpness depends, in part, on the number of pixels the LCD can display, and this number should be listed in the camera's specifications.

LCDs also appear in most digital photo frames. The LCD screen sits inside the frame and displays the digital photos.

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