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Digital Cameras 101: Nothing but the Basics

Digital cameras provide several differences and benefits over film cameras. Before buying a digital camera, it's important to learn the basics about digital cameras, including the differences between point-and-shoot digital cameras and digital SLR cameras.
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  3. Common Camera Questions (47)
  4. Digital Camera Glossary (134)
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Photography Preparation Tips
No matter what type of photography session you have planned, it's important to prepare for the day. Use these photography preparation tips to make sure your equipment is ready to go.

Point and Shoot Camera Flash Tips
The tiny built-in flash on a point and shoot camera likely won't be a consistent performer. Use these tips to have better results with a small flash.

Use Your DSLR Camera the First Time
For beginners using a DSLR camera, it's best to avoid developing bad habits from the beginning, so use these tips to use a DSLR properly the first time.

Avoid Basic Photography Errors
Although photography is a constant learning experience, all photographers make some basic photography errors that are difficult to overcome.

How to Use Scene Modes
Even with a fully automatic basic camera, you can manipulate the settings by learning how to use scene modes on the point and shoot camera.

Understanding Camera Menus
Use the following tips to help you figure out how to better use the menus on your digital camera, taking full advantage of this great feature to perfectly set up the camera to meet your needs.

Photography's Mental Game
There are several items photographers should make sure they’ve thought about before shooting a photo, just as an airline pilot checks off items before flying.

10 More Simple Photography Tips
If you’re new to digital photography, it can be a little discouraging when your photos don’t turn out correctly. However, keep in mind that photography is like any other skill: Practice makes perfect. Practice with the following tips to have more success.

Top 10 Simple Photography Tips
Use these top 10 simple photography tips either as a refresher course on some of the basics of photography or to help you use your digital camera for the first time.

What is Shutter Lag Time?
Shutter lag time simply means the time it takes from when you press the shutter button to when the camera actually records the picture. Modern DSLRs suffer far less with this problem, but some small traces of lag time can sometimes be noticed. Compact cameras, especially inexpensive ones, often suffer from shutter lag.

Mail a Camera
If you need to send in your camera for repair, it's important that you don't cause additional problems with your camera by packing it poorly. Use these tips to mail a camera safely.

Show and Tell: Camera Lost and Found
Losing a digital camera is a disheartening feeling, but this "show and tell" topic can help: Camera lost and found. Hopefully this Web page can serve as a resource for anyone who has lost a camera or who has found a camera. See submissions

Using Flash Tips
With a point and shoot camera, you probably will end up shooting a lot of indoor photos, which will require the use of your camera's built-in flash unit. Shooting with a tiny flash unit can be a little tricky. Try using flash tips, such as those listed here, to improve the results of your flash photos with a point and shoot camera.

Avoid Dropping a Camera
Learn how to hold your camera properly so that you don't drop it accidentally.

Protecting Photos
With most of today's photos being stored digitally, rather than being in prints, you need to rethink how you store the photos. The shoebox in a drawer won't work any more. Try these tips for protecting, storing, and preserving your digital photos.

Show and Tell: My First Digital Camera
Share your story and read stories others have submitted with this "show and tell" topic: My first digital camera. See submissions

Common Camera Questions
One way to enjoy your camera more is by learning the basics. Try these digital camera tips and read through these answers to common camera questions to gain more enjoyment from your digital camera.

Digital Camera Safety
Damage to the electrical components or accessories with a digital camera could lead to fire or to a malfunctioning or broken camera. Use these tips to properly maintain, use, and protect your digital camera.

Print Photos Directly From a Camera
With some digital cameras, you must download photos to a computer before you can print them. However, more and more newer cameras allow you to print directly from the camera, which can be a handy option.

Photo Sorting
If you have a hard drive full of photos named things like "001-00231," you aren't alone. Sorting photos can be a tricky process, at least without the right advice. Use these tips to help with sorting photos more efficiently.

Learn the "Things to Know" About Digital Cameras
Do you have questions about digital cameras? Panasonic's "Things To Know" Web page is a great resource for finding basic information.

Pack a Camera
One thing hobbyist photographers and serious photographers have in common: When traveling, neither would ever think of leaving their photography equipment at home. Traveling provides a great opportunity for capturing memorable photos. Avoid causing damage to your photography equipment when traveling.

What is Firmware?
Camera firmware is a DSLR's basic software and coding, which the camera maker installs at the time of manufacturing. Firmware is responsible for actually making your camera work, and it is therefore vitally important.

Pictures at Concerts
Photography conditions at concerts and plays are especially tough. Use these tips to shoot better pictures at concerts.

Troubleshooting Red Eye
Problems with red eye seem to be common with point and shoot digital cameras, and they can ruin a really good photo. Try these tips to troubleshoot red eye problems before they occur.

Artifacts in Photos
Artifacts are any unwanted changes that occur in an image that are caused by various factors within a DSLR. This article looks at the most common artifacts found in digital photography.

How to Create Memorable Photos

Start Using Digital Cameras
Through this area of the Kodak Web site, beginning photographers can find information on sharing digital photos and on why film photographers may want to switch to digital.

Insurance Photography
Everyone knows the importance of having homeowners insurance ... even if no one wants to ever have to use it. However, preparing as though you'll eventually need that insurance is a smart idea, starting with creating photographic evidence of your possessions.

Learn Digital Camera Tips for Beginners
From the Digital Photography School Web site, beginning photographers can click any of the dozens of links to learn more about digital cameras and photography.

Great Birthday Party Photos
One of the most common events that will be photographed is a birthday party. However, many people aren't quite sure how to handle some of the tricky situations with which they're presented.

Tips for Better Photos
These tips from Fujifilm provide some good baseline information for beginning photographers, ranging from shooting better photos to choosing a digital camera to making better prints.

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