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Digital Camera Basics


Before you begin using a digital camera, it's important to learn the digital camera basics. Use these tips for digital camera beginners to help you advance on the road from being a beginner photographer to an experienced photographer.
  1. Deciphering Digital Camera Jargon
  2. Tips for Digital Camera Beginners
  3. Cutting Edge Camera Technologies
  4. Keeping a Camera in Tip Top Condition

Deciphering Digital Camera Jargon

Nikon D5000

When learning about the digital camera basics, perhaps the first issue you should tackle is deciphering digital camera jargon. Try to learn about some common items, such as zoom lenses and image stabilization. If you find other confusing digital camera terminology, read though a digital camera glossary.

Tips for Digital Camera Beginners

Underwater Photography Guide

Those trying to learn the digital camera basics probably also could use a few tips aimed at digital camera beginners. Traveling safely with your digital camera and learning all about your underwater photography options can help beginners decide what they want to do with their cameras.

Cutting Edge Camera Technologies

Fujifilm 3D camera

To keep up with the ever changing world of digital camera technologies, it's important to learn how the digital camera basics will change in the future with cutting edge camera technologies, such as 3D cameras.

Keeping a Camera in Tip Top Condition

Cleaning the camera lens

Once you've answered the question about which digital camera you should buy, it's important to keep your camera in the best possible working condition. It's important to know how to store your camera when it isn't in use, how to clean and maintain the camera, and how to perform minor fixes yourself. Should a major problem arise, it's also important to know how to find a trustworthy camera repair center.

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