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Top 6 Stock Photo Web Sites


The popularity of digital cameras has made it increasingly easy to both sell and buy stock photos. Here is a list of the best free and fee-based stock photography Web sites.

1. Jupiter Images Stock Photos

If you are seeking stock photography, there is no better selection than that of Jupiter Photo. The site claims to have more stock photos than any other site in the world. You can find royalty-free stock photos, rights-managed photos and order CDs of photo collections.

2. stock.xchng Free Stock Photos

The stock.xchng site is the ultimate place to find free photos or share photos. You can search based on keywords and the rights availability of images, or you can browse by detailed subjects. The also operate the Stock Expert site where you can buy pictures for as little as $1, or photographers can sell stock photos.

3. iStockphoto Stock Photos

For quality stock photos at low rates, this is a great place to shop. If you simply need a picture to illustrate a Web page, pay just $1, or pay more for a larger image. Photographers can also sell stock photos and receive a cut.

4. iClipart Stock Photos

The simplicity of this stock photo and clipart site is its subscription, which includes all images and unlimited downloads of its 5 million images. The selection isn't as great as some stock photo sites, but it's certainly inxpensive for those who need lots of stock photos.

5. Getty Images Stock Photography

There are few stock photo agencies with the name and reputation Getty Images has established. This isn't a place to find cheap royalty-free art, but it is a place to find highly-screened, high-quality stock photos, including extensive sports and news photos. They also accept work of photographers, although in some instances they charge a placement fee to include a photographer's work and they have a screening process with high quality standards and a list of approved cameras that can be used.

6. Fotolia Stock Photos

For inexpensive stock photography, this is a great choice. Using a credit system, pictures of about 2 megapixel and 72 dpi cost just $1, and extended rights cost $25. Photographers can also sign up to sell stock photos.

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