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Troubleshooting: Fixing Digital Camera Problems

Few things are as frustrating as a malfunctioning digital camera. Fortunately, some digital camera problems are easier to fix than they might appear at first. Try these tips for troubleshooting digital camera difficulties.
  1. Camera Error Messages (12)
  2. Camera Repair Options (7)
  3. Keeping Cameras Clean (6)
  4. Troubleshoot Printers
  5. Troubleshooting Photo Sharing (3)
  6. Troubleshooting Specific Cameras (15)

Tips for Digital Photo Frame Maintenance
If you want to keep your digital photo frame working correctly and clean for optimal viewing, read through the tips included here!

Avoid Dropping a Camera
Learn how to hold your camera properly so that you don't drop it accidentally.

How to Recover Lost Photos

DSLR Camera Maintenance
When making the switch from point and shoot cameras to DSLRs, one aspect of the DSLR that can be confusing is some of the ways you must perform DSLR camera maintenance.

Troubleshooting Remote Shutters
To keep your remote shutter release unit working properly, try these troubleshooting tips.

Troubleshooting Digital Photo Frames
Most digital photo frames work easily, but there are some tricky aspects to using some of the digital photo frames’ advanced features, as well as occasions where the frames simply won't work.

Troubleshooting GPS Units
Geotagging can be a great hobby ... as long as the GPS works correctly, of course. Use these tips to troubleshoot any problems with your add-on GPS unit.

Troubleshooting Zoom Lenses
Because telephoto lenses provide such a different look than standard lenses, you may experience some problems when using them. Use these tips to troubleshoot use of your telephoto DSLR lenses.

Keeping Safe With a Camera
As with any type of consumer electronics device, a digital camera requires some safety precautions to ensure that it will work correctly and safely for you. The last thing you want is to operate the camera in a manner that could leave you with an injury.

Digital Camera Safety
Damage to the electrical components or accessories with a digital camera could lead to fire or to a malfunctioning or broken camera. Use these tips to properly maintain, use, and protect your digital camera.

Troubleshooting Macro Lenses
Digital camera interchangeable lenses tend to be pretty easy to use. You connect the lens, and you use the camera -- simple enough. However, there are times when lenses don’t work flawlessly. Use these tips to fix any problems you’re having by troubleshooting macro lenses.

Troubleshooting Macro Flash Units
Some built-in flash units or speedlight flash units can wash out a macro photo. Use these tips for making the most of your macro flash unit.

Fix Camera Image Quality Problems
The image quality in your digital photos is dependant on a variety of factors, such as the external lighting available and the weather conditions. Use these tips for troubleshooting camera image quality problems.

Troubleshooting Battery Chargers
Use these tips to give yourself a better chance to fix problems with your camera's battery chargers or AC adapters.

Troubleshooting Batteries
The rechargeable batteries found in most digital cameras seem to work in a straightforward manner. However, batteries do occasionally suffer problems. Here are a few tricks and tips you can follow to make them work better.

Troubleshoot Wide-Angle Lenses
When attaching a lens with wide-angle capabilities to your DSLR camera, it's a pretty straightforward process. However, because wide-angle lenses provide such a different look than standard lenses, you may experience some problems when using them.

Troubleshoot Wide-Angle Conversion Lenses
With some cameras, usually fixed-lens or DSLR models, you have the option of adding conversion lenses to give your camera's lens additional wide-angle or telephoto capabilities. The conversion lens attaches over the top of the existing lens. Use these tips to troubleshoot any problems you may be having with wide-angle conversion lenses.

Tips for Shooting Sharper Photos
Having the ability to shoot sharp photos can be a serious challenge for digital photographers, especially in certain photography situations.

Tips for Holding Your Camera Properly
If you’re having trouble receiving the kinds of results you want from your photos, consider examining the way you’re holding the camera, which can help you avoid camera shake.

Camera Lens Problems
Even the cheapest camera lenses have wonderful optics, and they usually can produce wonderful pictures. But nothing is infallible. Here's how to avoid some common camera lens problems.

Artifacts in Photos
Artifacts are any unwanted changes that occur in an image that are caused by various factors within a DSLR. This article looks at the most common artifacts found in digital photography.

Troubleshooting Memory Card Readers
You may experience problems with your external memory card reader from time to time that don't result in any easy-to-follow clues as to the problem. Use these tips to give yourself a better chance to fix the problem with your memory card reader.

Tips for Avoiding Camera Damage
The seals around some digital camera bodies aren't tight enough to protect from every potential substance that could harm the electronics inside the camera. If these substances are in the area where you'll be shooting, take extra care to protect your camera.

Troubleshooting Memory Cards
If you ever experience a problem with your camera's memory card, it can be a frightening feeling. Use these tips to troubleshoot your memory card.

Troubleshooting Underwater Photos
Use these tips to learn to anticipate and overcome some common problems in underwater photos.

Troubleshooting Red Eye
Problems with red eye seem to be common with point and shoot digital cameras, and they can ruin a really good photo. Try these tips to troubleshoot red eye problems before they occur.

Long Lasting Camera Batteries
Losing digital camera battery power is a frustrating problem to have, especially if your "battery empty" light flashes just as you prepare to take that once-in-a-lifetime photo. These tips and tricks should help you gain long lasting camera batteries.

Tips for Troubleshooting Camera Problems
Few things are as frustrating as when your digital camera just won't work. Some problems are extremely complex and may require shipping your camera to a repair center. Other problems, however, are extremely easy to fix, if you know what to do.

Troubleshooting Lens Filters
Use these tips to make the most of camera filters and troubleshoot any problems.

Troubleshooting CF Memory Cards
Although the CompactFlash (CF) type of memory cards are pretty sturdy, you may experience problems occasionally with your CF memory cards. Use these tips to troubleshoot your CF memory card problems.

Camera Flash Problems
A common problem faced by photographers using compact digital cameras or pop up flashes on DSLRs is the lack of control over the integral flash. Often the flash can be blinding and too strong, leading to blown out images. Here are some tips to help avoid camera flash problems.

Troubleshoot SDHC Memory Cards
You may experience problems with your SDHC memory cards from time to time that don't result in any easy-to-follow clues as to the problem. Troubleshooting such problems can be a little tricky.

How to Use Histograms
A histogram on your camera can provide you with valuable information on whether the exposure of a particular photo is accurate.

Troubleshooting MS Memory Cards
Use these tips to troubleshoot your MS (MemoryStick) memory card problems.

Troubleshooting SD Memory Cards
Although more and more digital cameras include internal memory, nearly all photographers rely on memory cards to store their photos. Any problem with the memory card can be a disaster ... no one wants to lose all of their photos. Use these tips for troubleshooting SD memory card problems.

Troubleshooting Underwater Housings
Use these tips to troubleshoot an problems with your camera’s underwater housing before you end up with water inside the housing that could destroy your camera.

Find Camera Firmware Updates
To ensure the best performance from your digital camera, it pays to have the latest version of the camera's firmware. Use these tips to find camera firmware updates.

Troubleshooting Photo Storage Web Sites
Uploading your photos to a free photo storage web site is a great way to create backup copies of your photos, as well as easily share them with friends and family. If you ever have problems, try these photo storage web site troubleshooting tips.

Tips for Protecting Your Camera
Read through this list of tips submitted by readers who have actually lost a camera for helping you protecting your camera and for avoiding losing your camera.

Store Your Digital Camera Safely
If you plan to go a month or more without using your digital camera, it's important that you learn how to store your digital camera safely.

Troubleshooting Inkjet Photo Printers

Troubleshoot a Dropped Digital Camera
Dropping your digital camera can cause a sickening feeling. Before panicking, however, try these quick tips to fix a minor problem.

Digital Camera Maintenance
Sometimes, cameras fail because of user error and a lack of digital camera maintenance. Use these digital camera maintenance tips to keep your camera in working condition.

How to Clean a Camera Lens
Cleaning a camera lens requires some special care to avoid scratches and other damage to the camera lens. These tips should help you learn how to clean a camera lens properly.

How to Clean Your Digital Camera
Clean digital cameras work and look better. However, you need to use some care when cleaning the digital camera. The instructions included here will help you avoid mistakes.

Photo Storing Errors
If you want to make sure your digital photos are kept safe and sound, you'll back up your images ... while watching out for a few key potential problems. As a professional photographer, I always make dual backups of all of my imagery. Use these tips to avoid photo storing errors.

Avoid Blurry Photos Tips
Several factors can contribute to problems with blurry photos, such as poor focus, quickly moving subjects, and camera shake. Use these tips to avoid blurry photos.

Cleaning Camera Accessories
Although the digital camera body is the primary focus of the photographer when cleaning the equipment, it isn't the only item on which you should focus. It's important to make sure the camera's accessories are cleaned regularly, too.

Troubleshooting microSD Memory Cards
Use these tips to troubleshoot your microSD and microSDHC memory card problems.

Extreme Winter Photography
Some cold weather problems can cause temporary issues for the camera, while others can cause more permanent damage. Use these tips for improving your camera’s performance when shooting photos in extreme cold.

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