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Finding a Trustworthy Digital Camera Repair Center

Tips for Good Digital Camera Repair


Hopefully, you'll never need a digital camera repair center. Hopefully, your digital camera will perform well for several years, and finding a trustworthy camera repair center is the last thing you'll think about.

However, if the worst-case scenario happens, and your camera stops working suddenly one day, hopefully these tips for finding a good digital camera repair center will help you have a successful repair situation.

  • Cost estimates. A trustworthy repair center should be able to deliver an estimate of the cost of any repair, based on your description of the camera's problem. Occasionally, once the repair center has the camera, the original cost estimate might be incorrect, but the company should notify you immediately.

  • Miscellaneous fees. If a repair center has any miscellaneous fees, those should be spelled out before you give them the camera. For example, if a camera repair center will charge a fee just for looking at the camera beyond the repair cost, that amount should be known up front.

  • Futile repairs. Beyond the cost estimate, a trustworthy camera repair center should let you know when the cost of any repair will greatly exceed the value of your camera, advising you instead to purchase a new camera.

  • Time estimates. In addition to the cost estimate, any good camera repair center should be able to give you an accurate estimate on the amount of time the repair will take before you give it the camera.

  • Location. Don't count out a camera repair center just because it doesn't have a local presence. Several trustworthy camera repair centers do the majority of their business through the mail. Just do some checking to make sure that any camera repair center you find on the Internet has a real, physical address.

  • Satisfied customers. Any good camera repair center should be able to provide you with a list of customers who have used the service and were pleased with the results.

  • Professional organizations. Look for a trustworthy camera repair center to belong to numerous camera-related professional organizations.

  • Easy contact. Finally, a trustworthy camera repair center will make it easy for you to contact them, usually by a variety of methods, to check on the status of your repair. Better yet, the repair center should send you regular e-mail messages with updates.
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