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How to Clean Your Digital Camera


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Cleaning the Lens at Home
Cleaning the Digital Camera Lens at Home

Use a soft brush to clean the digital camera lens, removing loose particles.

For this section discussing how to clean your camera, we'll assume you have plenty of time to clean the lens.

  1. Turn on the camera, if needed, to open the lens cover.
  2. Turn the camera so the lens faces the ground. Gently blow on the lens to free any stray particles.
  3. If you still notice particles on the edges of the lens, very gently dislodge them with a small, soft brush.
  4. Gently rub the lens with the microfiber cloth, moving in a circular motion. Start in the middle of the lens and work your way to the edges.
  5. If the microfiber cloth doesn't remove all of the grime or smudges, use a few drops of lens cleaning fluid or clean water. Place the drops onto the cloth, not onto the lens. Then repeat the circular motion of the cloth. First use the damp area of the cloth, and then repeat the motion with a dry area of the cloth.
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